247LendingGroup.com Offering Affordable Christmas Loans To Meet The Holiday Demand For Cash!

PRESS RELEASE (12/5/2013)- Getting prepared for the holiday season can be extremely stressful. More so for those that know they are going to have difficulties coming up with money to purchase gifts for all their loved ones. Regardless if you are seeking to borrow a few hundred dollars, or several thousand, 247LendingGroup.com are able to accommodate. They offer a wide range of Christmas loan programs that will help consumers of all good and bad credit types obtain the cash they necessitate for making their gift giving a success.

“The holiday season is the absolute busiest times of the year for us”, states 24/7 Lending Group’s newly appointed CFO Jordan Robbins, “November and December, right up to Christmas day, we see close to 200% more loan applications than other months. Therefore, it is extremely important that the lenders that make up our loan matching service are prepared by having enough budget to meet the demand. Fortunately, our network is large enough where if one of our participating lender’s budget is unable to extend to the end of the year, we are still able to meet the demand coming in by channeling that traffic to another one of our lenders.’.

He continues, “Much of our competition are tapped out mid-December and are unable to continue processing loan requests. Instead, they trick the consumer into thinking they are still applying for a personal loan but then are only offering products like credit cards and payday loans.”.

Unlike payday loans that are due within weeks of borrowing, the personal loans offered by 247LendingGroup.com are long term installment loans ranging from 1-6 years. Interest rates are also more reasonable than those associated with payday loans; ranging from 7.99% for people with excellent credit to the mid 30% range for those with less than perfect histories.  And the biggest difference between 247’s personal loans compared to payday loans is that consumers are not limited to borrowing a few hundred dollars but instead as much as $35,000.

The requirements for being considered for loan approval are straightforward; a minimum of 18 years of age, must be employed or receiving some type of regular income (disability, retirement, etc.), encompass an active checking account and a citizen of the US. The online application of 247 Lending Group only takes a few minutes to complete and is secured by McAfree and GeoTrust. This paired security protects consumers for all potential types of phishing and scamming. Consumers can expect to hear from a lender within a few hours, if approval is achieved, to go over the finer details of their loan request. It is important to note that rates and terms will vary amongst their participating lenders and will be discussed at the time of contact. It can take as little as 24 hours for the entire financing process to be completed. Consumers are encouraged to contact support prior to submitting their request with any questions that they may have.

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