A BOYISH GOD:Thwarting Evil Powers

LIGHTNING RELEASES (2/13/2014)- A Boyish God is a troubling novel with deep insights. According to author Peter Alan Olsson, “I was jolted to my core when I learned that a college friend’s son died at the Rev. Jim Jones’ side at Jonestown. Two books and over 30 years later, I am still searching for answers … especially about terror prevention.”

A BOYISH GOD probes into the psyche of a schoolboy who deeply needs therapy. On the playground of Saint Thomas Moore School in Houston, Sister Agnes hears young Will Powers’ fiery funeral sermon for a dead bird. At the insistence of his teachers, Will reluctantly stops his explosive eulogy. Will’s parents have apparently turned their back on their son and won’t return the school’s calls.

The school psychologist turns for help to a trusted psychiatrist friend, who is able to delve into Will’s perspective and what is driving him. But can this troubled boy be helped? The novel is disturbing, but deeply necessary. Perhaps the Rev. Jim Jones at one time was also considered A Boyish God.

About the Author

Peter Alan Olsson is a retired psychiatrist/psychoanalyst. His four published nonfiction books are Malignant Pied Pipers of Our Time: From the Rev. Jim Jones to Osama Bin Laden; The Cult of Osama: Psychoanalyzing Bin Laden and His Magnetism for Muslim Youths; If I Knew Then What I Know Now: Advice to a Young Psychotherapist; and Poems Behind a Psychiatrist’s Couch. Visit www.drpeterolsson.com.

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