A Unique Affiliate Program That Rewards Cash Weekly Is Presented by Uinvest Crowdfunding Platform .

LIGHTNING RELEASES — March 28, 2014 . Uinvest, the European largest crowdfunding platform, has presented a unique affiliate program that will operate globally. Due to its terms, simple requirements and attractive earnings the program has already met high demand among its participants.

The terms of Uinvest’s updated affiliate program will bring its affiliates 1% of the cost of each obligation bought by their referred customers! Moreover, as a special offer, a $10 bonus is now applicable to 1% from each obligation of the “Mechanical Processing Workshop” project listed on uinvest.com.ua

Requirements are simple and straightforward. A potential participant should register on Uinvest’s website, obtain referral materials, such as a link, a banner or a QR-code, and disseminate them in various places of web space, e.g. forums, blogs, social media pages, etc

Obviously, due to its simple and understandable rules, this is one of best affiliate programs presented in the crowdfunding industry.

For more details, please follow this link.

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