Badal Sukhbir Canada, USA case incurs $ 250 Million loss to Punjab-NRI’s Vikram Bajwa

Vancouver BC. Gurmit Bhullar: The recent developments in Syria, has the focus of the NRI’s and the business community on the aftermath of Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya and its repercussions on the Dollar versus Rupee downfall, seen since the last 20 Years. India has strongly sided with Russia, against any War in Syria, which could trigger an arms race and step up the oil price in India.

Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal, on the advise of Govt. of India and Punjab, recently cancelled his visit to Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Surrey Canada, due to  Canadian Sikh Coalition, Sikhs for Justice, Sikhs seeking Justice, Khalistan Affairs Council, NRI Foundation, with issues relating to Human Rights abuses, Encounter Cases, NRI Property matters, False Police cases and rampant Frauds in NRI Property ownership in Punjab. Sikhs for Justice case in USA, had barred Chief Minister to enter United States, to involve the US and Punjab NRI business community for the development of Punjab, and the Deputy Chief Minister ban from Canada, has also effected the Canadian and NRI, proposed Investment Policy in Punjab.

Capt. Surinder Sidhu of Sikhs seeking Justice termed it as a victory for Sikhs of Canada, on the Human Rights issues, whereas Canadain Sikh Council spokesman Moninder Singh and Gurpatwant Pannu of Sikhs for Justice, had prepared witnesses to file criminal charges against Sukhbir Badal, have him arrested in Canada, under the Canadian laws of torture and confinement.

NRI Foundation President Gurbir Sandhu, while accepting their move to corner Sukhbir, feels Punjab has lost tremendously, under the Badal’s to improve their image in USA, Canada and U.K., where Punjab NRI’s are a vocal force in Politics and economy, ” Sukhbir does not see anything outside the borders of Punjab and is acting like a Baluchistan Chief”. Shiromani Akali Dal Leaders Beant Singh, Canada, Manpreet Ayali MLA, do have any background in economy or popular support to advise the Chairman Surjit Singh Rakhra, who has deputed his In-laws, on the issues concerning Punjab and their resolution by the Chief Minister or Sukhbir Badal. “They are a complete Failure Advise Team, said SAD Leader Harry Gill”.

Indian Overseas Congress, Executive, which advises the Indian Ambassador in USA and High Commission in Ottawa, Canada, including the Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh, on NRI Political and Economy policies, have been construed as Anti-Badal’s, whereas IOC President VikramJit Singh Bajwa, on both occasions of Sukhir Badal’s visit, has saved the Deputy Chief Minister, his Chair and Political Future, in SAD, which has not been liked by some PPCC members in Punjab. IOC Gen. Secretary Sunil Malhotra, has conveyed to the Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal’s Office of their positive role to be Pro-Punjab and Pro-India, in USA and Canada, be above Politics of Punjab, as IOC represents India’s NRI’s, outside India and not just the All Indian Congress Comm,.

NRI Foundation, NRI-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Punjab Foundation and IOC, held a meeting today, with feedback and reports of Sukhbir Badal’s proposed trip to Canada and Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal’s case in USA , determining, political and NRI Dollar losses in Punjab. IOC President VikramJit Bajwa sent a report to Sukhbir Badal, highlighting both cases, which have incurred a yearly loss to Punjab of $ 250 Million Dollars, with a special report, to be presented for resolutions, on their forthcoming trip to India , after Diwali. NRI Foundation President Gurbir Sandhu, asked all Pro-India organizations, including Khalistan Affairs, Sikhs Seeking Justice, Canadian Sikh Coalition and Sikhs For Justice, to have a roundtable Conference to sort out matters, so it does not Harm Punjab and its people, which is their Motherland.

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