Badal Sukhbir follow Nitish, emulate Omar & Yadav-meet Rahul Gandhi, for Punjab-Indian Overseas Congress.

Toronto Ont. The recent Polls conducted in India, have given a Hung Parliament in India and a Coalition Government of UPA & Third Front, rejecting the “Right Wing” National and Regional parties. Non Resident Indian’s, will vote in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, with the Think Tanks of NRI Associations. already formulating advisories on Foreign Policy of India, with both the scenarios, considering a UPA Govt and NDA Govt.

On a recent Phone Poll conducted by Indian Overseas Congress, considering the Regional and National Parties Alliances, since 1947, it has been evolved that Akali Dal, was effected the most, more than National Conference, Samajwadi Party, BSP, whereas they always were part of the Central Government and thus could develop their States more effectively than Punjab, who had only a short stint with NDA.

Over 128 NRI Organizations were asked a set of questions on State and Central partnership, on developing their States, under the “Coalition Centre”,of the past and the coming 2014 Government. In Uttar Pradesh, both Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati opposed Congress Party in State, whereas in Delhi, they are with UPA, thus maximizing their resources for the economy and education of their State, benefiting from the UPA Schemes of development, Nationa Conference of Farookh Abdullah, was always a part of Central Govt., either BJP or Congress, now Chief Minister Omar Abdullah as one of the Minority candidates, competing withChief Minsiter Nitish Kumar of Bihar as a Prime Ministerial Candidate.

With the New World order, under President Obama, unrest in Egypt, Lebanon, pulling of U.S. Forces from Afghanistan, in 2014, India cannot afford to have a Non-Secular Government in 2014, as ‘Al-Queda”, intelligence reports resulted in closure of US Embassies and Consuls in Asia and Africa. NRI Akali Dal members, feel President Sukhbir Badal should follow Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and have an independent say in the next Formation of 2014 Government, continuing their partnership with BJP-Punjab, even though they have the majority of Akali Dal in the Punjab Assembly,like Samajwadi Party and  BSP said Didar SIngh. Friends of Punjab, USA see Akali Dal been deprived of Central Assistance , due to their hard core stand with National BJP, which ruled India less than 10 Years, versus Congress, more than 45 Years. Daljit Sandhu of “FOP”, urges Sukhbir Badal to see the Big Picture, in the New India, emerging with Leaders alike Akhilesh Yadav, Omar Abdullah and being educated in Long Beach California, “Sukhbir Badal should go for partnering with Central governments, to befit Punjab and not Hurt Punjab’s interest”, by staunchly, blindly supporting BJP.

U.P.’s Mulayam SIngh, BSP Mayawati, W.Bengal’s Didi Mamta Bannerjee obtained the maximum grants from Central govt, whereas Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal, could not achieve his goals, putting the state in red, including the dark period of Violence , could have been averted, if Punjab was Financially sound for its Youth and Employment. IOC Gen. Secretary Sunil Malhotra is convinced Punjab can become Number 1 Again, if they have a positive flow of Financial Agenda, above their Political Agenda. Harry Dhillon of Canada Liberal Party, feels Akali Dal, should only focus on Punjab’s Interests, since the current numbers in Punjab Assembly, grants them freedom of Independence, both from Congress and BJP, Sukhbir Badal’s only chance to prove his mettle for Chief Ministership of Punjab, or he has lost the Golden opportunity, to turning a new Leaf in Punjab History, with his Sikh, Hindu and Muslim MLA’s, or he can never become the Chief Minister of Punjab, if he only is stuck in his current policy. Dr. Ajay Sinha sees the Third Front and UPA, Coalition Government in India in 2014, suited for the New World order under President Obama and avoiding a ” Racial war”, in India, based on Religion and economics.

IOC President Vikram Bajwa, suggests Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal, should emulate Omar Abdullah,Chief Minister UP Akhilesh Yadav since Akali Dal, for the last 65 Years could not go into Double Digits of member Parliament, based on Punjab’s 13 seats for Lok Sabha, so ” How can Sukhbir think of developing Punjab by himself, if they are not part of the Central Govt.” Akali Dal should wait for the results of the Lok Sabha, meet with Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi”, to take Punjab into next level. We can facilitate between “Badals and Gandhi’s”, meeting  which will only benefit Punjab, rising above State Politics.

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