Biotivia to offer age reversal treatment based upon Harvard-NIH breakthrough.

LIGHTNING RELEASES – Arlington, Virginia, Biotivia, February 25th, 2014. Today Biotivia announced that it had completed its final testing of a purified, sustained release, oxidized NAD+  supplement. Named MitoTrans, Biotivia will begin shipping this unique supplement in mid-March 2014.

What is so remarkable about NAD+? In December of last year Harvard University, The National Institutes of Health, MIT, and the University of New South Wales published a joint study in the prestigious science journal Cell. BBC News and many other news media hailed the results as the most important breakthrough yet in age reversal. The team of scientists, including Dr Sinclair, who discovered the anti-aging properties of the compound Resveratrol, and a distinguished group of the most notable researchers in the field of cell biology and aging, found that NAD+, a molecule found in every plant and animal cell, can reverse the aging of muscles from the equivalent of a 60-year-old person to that of a 20-year-old person. No medical, dietary or behavioral intervention has ever achieved this result before.   

Four scientists won Nobel Prizes for the discovery of this coenzyme, but until now it was not feasible to produce it economically outside of the laboratory. When asked about the timescale for when this therapy would be available to the public, one of the lead researchers told the BBC that the cost, which he estimated to be $50,000 per day, is the barrier to making NAD+ anti-aging therapy available at the present time.

Biotivia scientists, working in collaboration with their pharmaceutical research partner,  have overcome the cost barrier by developing a method to scale up production of NAD+ from the milligram level to the kilogram level.  Biotivia has also solved the problem of NAD+ destruction by stomach enzymes which has prevented the development of a an effective oral version of this compound.

Biotivia was the first supplement research and manufacturing company to offer Transmax, a high potency Trans-resveratrol supplement, to the public. Since that time over 10,000 studies, trials and scientific papers have elucidated Resveratrol’s potential health benefits. Biotivia’s resveratrol has since become the default choice of the medical community in its clinical trials of Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, and the chronic conditions associated with aging and obesity.  Biotivia’s chief research officer believes that NAD+ has even greater potential than Resveratrol for the improvement of human health and extension of healthspan. Because NAD+ occurs naturally, it cannot be patented and monopolized by a pharmaceutical company. Biotivia will begin sales of MitoTrans in mid March on a limited basis.

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About Biotivia

Biotivia Longevity Bioceuticals, LLC is a leading formulator and manufacturer of high potency bioceutical supplements and DNA rejuvenation products for the medical, consumer and functional food markets. The company offers products designed to address specific biological processes related to ageing and improvement of healthspan, the number of years one lives free of the chronic conditions associated with ageing and obesity.

James Betz is the Chief Science Officer and, along with his distinguished team of international longevity research and development scientists, has focused on a class of polyphenolic compounds called Stilbenes.  Biotivia created the first high-potency Resveratrol and Pterostilbene supplements and continues to support clinical research at university medical schools worldwide.

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