Choosing A Degree With The Greatest Earning Potential

When it comes to choosing a college degree, people consider two primary things.  First, some people are more concerned in earning a degree for a specific field or sector regardless of earning potential and second, some focus on the level of income they could make after graduation.  The great thing about college is that with so many opportunities, you could find a career that you have interest in but also a degree that would ultimately lead you to a lucrative career.

Since most people go to college to prepare for a great career, we wanted to focus this article on things to think about when choosing a degree with the greatest earning potential. Keep in mind that regardless of the area of interest, you would have a number of excellent options.  For instance, if you had your heart set on working in the educational sector, you know as a teacher the amount of money earned would be limited but because this career field is so broad, you could expand your options to find a degree that still focuses on education but one that would guide you into a career with excellent money making possibilities.


With the technological sector being the hub of this country, a degree in any technology field would serve you well.  As a prime example, you could earn around $70,000 working as a network systems administrator.  However, earning potential for a career such as reaches $100,000.


You might also consider an engineering degree.  One of the interesting things about this type of career is that you have so many different avenues to take.  Although exact earning potential would depend on the area of expertise, earning a minimum of $70,000 is quite feasible as an electrical engineer is quite feasible.  However, if you were to complete a college education to become an engineering geologist, income potential increases to $125,000.


Whether earning a degree to become a nurse, pharmacist, radiologist, doctor, or some other medical professional, the pay scale is quite good.  Of course, the amount of money you could earn with an Associate’s degree to work as a Licensed Practicing Nurse of LPN would be less then earning an actual medical degree to work as a physician.  Because demand is so high, choosing a college degree for any facet of the medical sector would offer tremendous opportunity.


Specific to sales, the amount of potential earnings is incredibly good.  Now, it takes a certain type of person to be successful in a sales career and the right type of sales, but for some, sales is an excellent way to make significant money.  In addition, most people who earn a business degree and then go into sales find they love the work they do.  Although the possibilities are endless when it comes to sales, one area that is not only needed but also exciting has to do with pharmaceuticals.  As a pharmaceutical representative with a college degree, you could easily start out at $60,000.


While a degree in finance has always been considered a good choice, with so many people in dire straits due to the recent recession, there is great need for qualified financial professionals.  A college degree to work as a financial advisor, CPA, tax expert, or banking is another great consideration.  Again, to make the most money with a degree in finance, you would need to work in the right sector but the college degree coupled with sheer determination and hard work can help you achieve your ultimate goal of making a great living with the earned degree.  For instance, a financial analyst typically makes between $65,000 and $70,000 to start.

Web Design

The internet is a vital part of our society, which is why a degree to become a web designer is an excellent way to secure an exciting but also well-paying job.  Today, many businesses now maintain a full-time professional in house rather than hiring someone on an outsource basis.  By earning a degree in computer science with a focus on web design, you could easily secure a career as a web designer with a starting pay of $60,000.

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