codeMantra Introduces New File Transfer Technology For collectionPoint Improves Large File Transfers by up to 800%

Boston, MA – March 12 2014 – Using Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology, codeMantra announced today a file transfer technology to make it easier and more efficient for publishers to compose, move files and assets of any size, manage, and distribute documents. The combination of innovative cloud-based storage, CDN technology and improved processes has resulted in a reduced turnaround time of more than 800% on large file transfers. The result: publisher time-to-market can be greatly improved. codeMantra collaborated with its customers to design and implement the enhanced workflow solution. 

“Reducing time-to-market is critical for publishers that need to meet the on-demand needs of institutions and end-users alike,” said Walter W.J. Walker, President of CodeMantra.  “Today’s libraries are increasingly adopting “just-in-time” purchasing models like Demand-driven Acquisition, and end-users seeking information, particularly students and professionals in STM related fields, need and expect answers instantaneously.”

“Historically it has taken publishers a minimum of 72 hours to complete the publishing lifecycle,” continued Walker.  “With our new and enhanced technologies and services, we have developed a collaborative production workflow that reduced that time to just a few hours.”

In less than a workday, publishers can leverage codeMantra to:

  • Create and design digital and print documents with the Crescendo Platform, with optional composition and conversion services
  • Easily move any files and assets — regardless of size — within their publishing workflow. Large-scale images and print-ready files can quickly be transferred between typesetters, editors, and printers
  • Manage documents with collectionPoint, codeMantra’s flagship Digital Asset Management (DAM) software that is included with the Crescendo Platform
  • Push files to printers and distributors
  • Customize the end-user experience under their own brands with codeMantra’s Duet Reader, which will debut at the London Book Fair later this month

About codeMantra

codeMantra is an industry leading technology and services company for the content economy.  codeMantra’s products include collectionPoint 3.0, an award winning DAM and DAD platform used by global publishers.  Along with its technology products, codeMantra is one of the leading providers of composition and conversion services, specializing in XML first workflows for highly complex content creation, design, and distribution.  codeMantra has offices in Boston, MA; Upper Saddle River, NJ; San Francisco, CA; Battipaglia, Italy; Barcelona, Spain; Chennai, India and Oxford, UK. For more information about codeMantra, please contact or Wagner Communications at

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