Creative Master Mind Chris Stokes is Set to Discover New Talent in Drama Series

Chris Stokes looks to release New TV series “9mm”

PRESS RELEASE: LOS ANGELES, CA (10/4/2013) – “I’m a huge fan of original series loaded with action and drama. I think about some of my favorite shows and movies like Law & Order, CSI, Bad Boys and Lethal Weapon.  These were all shows and movies that captivated audiences,” says Chris Stokes, music mogul, director, TV and film producer. 

As Chairman of Footage Films and Silent Partner Entertainment Group, Mr. Stokes is proud to provide opportunities to talented people interested in pursuing film, television, and music careers. With the success of his mega-hit 2004 movie, “You Got Served,” Chris Stokes is excited about what he and his team have in store for 2013 and 2014. Not just for what’s coming to the box office, DVD, and television, but how Footage Films have the ability to offer opportunities to undiscovered talent seeking careers in film, television and the music industry, and also giving jobs and internships to people out there aspiring to work behind the scenes in the film, television and music industries.

In talking with Mr. Stokes I asked him about the series “9mm”. He described the original series as an action packed original series that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats. “This show in my mind is like Bad Boys meets Lethal Weapon with the suspense and action of 24”, says Mr. Stokes.  After listening to the description of 9mm, I can’t wait for the season premiere. “9mm” stands to be another great creation from Mr. Stokes.

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