Denver Dogs Have Their Own Health Club – Club F.E.T.C.H

LIGHTNING RELEASES (12/19/2013) – People have long looked to swimming as an effective form of exercise without the adverse effects of stress and impact on the joints. For this reason, swimming and hydrotherapy are often used for rehabilitation following a serious injury. We know the benefits swimming can have on people, but what about for our canine companions?

Denver-based Canine Rehabilitation and Conditioning Group (CRCG) specializes in rehabilitation and fitness exclusively for dogs. The CRCG Broomfield location offers a dedicated fun swim pool that is open 7 days a week for healthy dogs and as a Splash Member they are entitled to free massages, discounts on products, educational classes and nutritional counseling.  The CRCG Broomfield pool is maintained with a natural ionization process and contains no chlorine, bromine or salt which offers a clean, safe and fun place for the canine population.

In additional to recreational swimming, many of CRCG’s canine clients are recovering from injury or surgery, suffering from a degenerative disease such as hip dysplasia, or experiencing problems because of weight or age. Hydrotherapy, or exercising in the water, is a key component of most rehabilitation programs because it:

  • Provides for decreased weight on the joints which reduces pain.
  • Gently increases range of motion in all four limbs.
  • Strengthens joints and muscles with water resistance.
  • Encourages neurological reeducation for muscles.
  • Provides positive psychological benefits because the dogs can exercise without pain.

Hundreds of Denver residents have discovered that swimming is one of the best ways for their dogs to exercise year-round. In the winter, swimming indoors is a great way to keep dogs active when long walks outside and games of Frisbee in the park are months away. In the spring and summer months, swimming indoors is the perfect way for dogs to get their exercise while staying cool, socializing with other pooches, and staying away from harmful bacteria and disease often found in lakes and reservoirs.  The new Club F.E.T.C.H  membership makes it even more fun and easier to fetch more out of life.

How about doing a story profiling Canine Rehabilitation and Conditioning Group, and the tremendous benefits of Club F.E.T.C.H? If you’re interested, I’m happy to set up an interview or arrange for you to come to the facility to catch the dogs taking the plunge. There are also numerous success stories we can share about local dogs and how hydrotherapy has helped restore their health and happiness. Please contact me with any questions or for more information at 303-345-5434 or Thank you!


Cassie Clusman

Marketing – Canine Rehabilitation & Conditioning Group

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