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(Oxford, August 29th 2013) The iOpener Institute for People and Performance, the specialist workforce performance consultancy, is compiling a global index of organizations with the happiest employees.

If you take the short survey (which is completely anonymous) you’ll immediately get a free report comparing your Happiness at Work against iOpener Institute’s global database.  Please remember to say which organization you work for.  The survey can be found at

The results will be analyzed and the top 50 companies will feature in the Index, to be published by a well-known global media partner.

By taking part in our study you will be helping ensure that your organization pays increasing attention to employee well-being.  So please take the survey and pass it on to your friends and colleagues. You can also spread the word by joining in the conversation on Twitter and Facebook, and help take Happiness at Work up the corporate agenda!

About the iOpener Institute

The iOpener Institute is a consultancy that helps you achieve business objectives faster by maximizing the performance, productivity and happiness of key people at all levels.

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