Does Your Dog Need a Gym Membership?

Go-Go Dog Pals interactive chase toy promotes fitness


SAN DIEGO–The battle of the bulging waistline is having a negative impact on the health and life expectancy of many dogs.  If you can’t run faster than your dog, it is likely your dog is not getting the workout he needs.  Go-Go Dog Pals ( has come up with a solution to getting your dog healthy and happy with an interactive dog chase toy.


To dial up the fun factor, Go-Go Dog Pals recently released two new characters. Sweetie (Skunk) and Bandit (Raccoon) join Woody (Woodchuck) in the “Pals” line-up.  Founder, Will Bowen, said, “I’m excited to unveil these characters. It’s a big step towards realizing our vision of an extensive and always evolving line of characters. We want to offer something for everyone. Encouraging dog owners to engage in fun high energy activities is what we are all about.  It’s fun for the dog lover and a satisfying way for the dog to work out stresses and anxieties that may otherwise manifest itself in destructive behaviors.”


Using Go-Go Dog Pals on a large smooth surface like a dog park creates a fun experience that is fun to watch as well.  Enabling multiple dogs to join the chase provides healthy socialization and gives all the dogs an exhilarating experience that satisfies the dogs need for “in the wild” activities and provides those in a positive manner. 


Go-Go Dog Pals are remote control operated interactive dog toys that will improve your dog’s exercise routine and lifestyle. These products are designed to provide dogs and their owners with a fun and interactive experience. Rugged, bite resistant and fast (22mph+), there is nothing else like it on the market. Suggested Retail Price is $229.99.  Innately, from their hunting and herding heritage, dogs are wired to chase and with Go-Go Dog Pals, you control the action. You and your furry friend will have a riot!


About Go-Go Dog Pals:  Specializing in high tech dog chase toys, Go-Go Dog Pals offers dog owners products to enhance the physical and mental fitness of their dogs.  As dogs are members of the family, providing stimulating activities will better meet dog’s needs and reduce destructive behaviors resulting in a more harmonious home life.  Go-Go Dog Pals can be found at




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Go-Go Dog Pals
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