Dynamic Blending Specialists Collaborates with kathy ireland® as Innovative, Full-Service Turnkey Skin Care Manufacturer

Los Angeles, CA – May 19, 2017.  – Jordan Erskine, President of Dynamic Blending Specialists,   and Gavin Collier, VP of Operations, are delighted to announce their company’s collaboration   with Kathy Ireland’s Worldwide Business.

Collier distinguishes Dynamic  Blending  Specialists  from  competing  manufacturers  in  his  ob- servation  that  “There  aren’t  any  other  manufacturers  in  this  space  that  are  helping  the  little guy.   The  majority  of  them  will  turn  the  customer  down  if  they  can’t  meet  the  minimum  or- der  quantity.  One  company  has  said  their  minimum  order  quantity  is  50,000.  But  the  way  we look  at  it  is:  who  knows  who’s  going  to  be  the  next  big  label  out  there?  We  give  these  com- panies  that opportunity.”


What does this mean for new and smaller-scale businesses that are trying to compete in the beauty industry?


If you ask JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland, the answer couldn’t be any simpler. “For new businesses trying to make it in the beauty world, it can be stressful.  Most manufacturers have a high quantity minimum or-   der  for  merchandise  creation,  which  can  be  a  huge  deterrent  for  these  newer  companies.  But luckily for them, there’s Dynamic Blending Specialists, the beauty industry’s trusted  turnkey  contract  manufacturer.   They’re  dedicated  to  helping  those  newer  companies get the support they need.”

For more information about Dynamic Blending Specialists, visit dynamicblending.com and tune in to see Dynamic Blending Specialists as sponsored programming on Fox  Business Network on Sunday,  May 21, 2017 at 5:30pm EST.

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To  learn  more  about  Dynamic  Blending,  please contact:

Josh Lujan, V.P. of  Sales  &  Marketing

523  East  1750  North,  Ste. 100

Vineyard, UT 84057


Office:  844-822-1665



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