Government Grants Reductions

If you keep up on the amount of money being offered through various government grants, you probably realize that the amount being awarded is starting to dwindle.  Because most of these grants are designed to help lower income students achieve their dream of a college education, each reduction in award is devastating.  In fact, the amount of certain grants has dropped so significantly in the past few years that many people are simply unable to afford to go to college.

The Pell Grant is a prime example of this.  A few years ago, students were receiving more than $5,000 to assist with the cost of a college education but when Republicans in the House voted, that amount was reduced to just over $4,500.  While it might not seem like a $500 reduction would have that big of an impact, the truth is that it does.  Since many lower income students begin their educational journey at a junior or community college, that money affects an entire semester.

However, another reason for the reduction in value of government grants has to do with the way in which democrats are voting.  For instance, on February 16, 2011, President Obama announced his plan to cut the US budget, which meant a direct hit to financial aid for college students.  In his proposed budget cut, approximately $10 billion would be eliminated over the next 10 years starting with money offered for the 2012 academic year.

When you hear numbers like that, anyone can figure out that the Pell Grant program would be wiped out.  The sad thing is that currently, some nine million students depend on money from the government Pell Grant program so if this newly proposed budget cut were to be approved by Congress, it would all but destroy the lives of these people.  Without the college education, opportunity to secure a well-paying job would be forever lost.  Out of sheer frustration and even boredom, many of these people are going to turn to crime to make money.  Obviously, this budget cut would prove nothing less than disastrous.

We all know that the United States has suffered tremendously over the past few years economically.  We also know that more suffering is yet to come.  Millions of people lost jobs, homes, automobiles, and more.  Although we are starting to see some recovery, experts suggest it will be anywhere from five to ten years before the country is once again operating on solid ground.  Because of the world financial crisis, money has to be reduced somewhere and one area that for some reason is being targeted is college.

Although President Obama has proposed this cut, keep in mind that the final approval is a ways off.  Because the United States is so focused on ensuring all kids have the opportunity to have a college education, many believe this proposal will never be approved.  Another group feels the proposed cuts will be passed by Congress but on a much smaller scale.  Regardless, considering the recent $500 cut by the Republican Party any further cut would cause a serious ripple effect.

Unfortunately, clear answers are not currently being offered but many hope and anticipate that the government will open their eyes to the long-term effects cutting money from the Pell Grant program would have to the country as a whole.  While education is the primary concern, again looking at the outcome long-term it is easy to see that this reduction would have far more devastating blows than just to a college degree.  Of course, only time will tell but people need to voice their concerns to their own state’s government office and hopefully, this would help stop the destruction of  Pell Grants and other government forms of financial aid.

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