Government Grants

When it comes to grant money, most people are surprised by all the possibilities.  While  Pell grants is by far the best known, the truth is that many other grants are available and most are relatively easy to get.  For the Pell grant, you would need to prove financial need, whether as a dependent or independent student.  Although this particular grant is not too difficult, there are some challenges.  Because of this, most people who try to secure financial aid from a Pell grant but without success simply stop trying.

If you have been considering Federal government money to go to college or return to college, the information provided in this article will help.  Remember, if you find that there is simply not enough money to achieve your goal, we strongly recommend you talk to someone in the financial aid office about a Pell grant.  With money set aside for people in your situation and since this money does not need to be repaid, it should at least be considered.

Along with the Pell grant, the following are some other Federal government grants financial options.  If you find the Pell grant is not going to benefit then perhaps one of these would but remember that many other grants exist so these are just a few samples to show you other financial aid solutions.

•    FSEOG – This acronym stands for the Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, which is an excellent option if the Pell grant would not help.  While the Pell grant pays a little more, you could still receive free money up to $4,000 a year, whether completing a two-year degree at a community college or a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or higher at a four-year university.

•    ACG Grant
– Otherwise known as the Academic Competitiveness Grant, it is important to know that this grant must be applied for prior to June 30, 2011.  However, if you can show that you completed rigorous studies in high school and applied for college prior to enrolling, then you could quality.  The first year would pay $750 and the second $1,300 but only if a GPA of 3.0 is maintained.  The difference with this popular government grant over others is that proof of rigorous high school course completion is mandated.

•    SMART Grant
– If you are attending college for your third and fourth year of undergraduate studies in math or science, you could qualify for this government grant.  The amount of financial aid associated with this grant is up to $4,000 a year.

•    TEACH Grant – If you have interest in becoming an elementary school teacher for low-income students, this particular government grant would be worth checking out.  As one of the newer options for financial aid from the Federal government, you could receive as much as $4,000 a year.  Keep in mind that this grant is stricter than others so if you were to fail meeting your obligation, the grant would automatically convert to a loan, which means the money would need to be paid back with interest.

•    State Financial Aid Grants – The last option we wanted to mention for the most popular government grants are those offered by states.  For the state where you plan to attend college, some type of state financial aid would be available.  Again, meeting with someone in the college or university’s financial aid office would be the best way to get started in finding State grants to assist.

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