Green Power Partners’ CEO and CAO honored at World Civility Day National Event

Lake Forest, California – April 20, 2017 – Community Civility Counts, in concert with iChange Nations, honored Green Power Partners’ CEO, Allan Parent and CAO, Colleen DeMaere at the 2nd annual World Civility Day event held in Hammond, Indiana on April 13th.  The event recognizes people who have worked hard to care for others and improve human life through dedicated and often selfless efforts.  The event  supports the slogan of iChange Nations, the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”  as it aligns with the goals and mission of the event.

Following the resolution passed for “Community Civility Counts” in Gary, Indiana back in January 2016, the World Civility Day was created as a means for global outreach and though still young, the event has achieved great success.  In its second year of operation,  the event has reached far outside its home state of Indiana, reaching into the globe and celebrating those who work to make positive advancements for the future of mankind. The event brought many leaders together for the sake of celebrating and honoring those who make the event’s positive message a reality.  Various diplomats, ministers and community leaders, including the keynote speaker Curtis Hill, Attorney General of Indiana, attended last Thursday’s Civility event.  

Presenting awards for the event was Dr. Clyde Rivers, founder and president of iChange Nations. iChange Nations is an organization created to “honor ambassadors and build statesmen”.  They work to recognize and support extraordinary humanitarian efforts and believe strongly that every individual life holds value and potential to provide impactful contributions to the world. Through their efforts, IChange Nations expands knowledge of diverse perspectives.  They encourage and support individuals to build better systems and to make not only effective but efficient decisions for their organizations so that their world impact can be optimized to the fullest. 

Green Power Partners was recognized at the event as Allan Parent and Colleen DeMaere were honored with World Civility Ambassador awards.  The award acknowledges the global contributions made by the company as well as the individuals and praises the support of civil discourse throughout the nations building process.  Green Power Partners is proud to be recognized as a “national leader with cross-cultural readiness to stand for justice and peace through civil dialogue.”  According to Green Power Partners’ CEO Allan Parent, “We are greatly honored to receive this award and we are committed to sharing the principles of the Golden Rule throughout the world.  It is our mission to practice and promote the principles of civility wherever we go.”





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