Helpline in Bernardsville Brings Hope to Teens Struggling with Substance Abuse

LIGHTNING RELEASES (4/3/2014) – The vicious cycle of substance abuse has long been a problem in Bernardsville, NJ. For many years, countless local teenagers with addiction issues lacked the resources to receive proper help for their alcohol and drug dependency. To address this crisis situation a new helpline has been established in Bernardsville to provide much-needed assistance for those suffering from substance abuse.

The helpline is designed to provide young adults with valuable information on treatment options available at treatment centers as well as guidance and support. By calling (908) 998-1175, teenagers can speak directly to a certified addiction professional. The helpline is available at all hours for anyone regardless of age. Additional information can be found on the helpline’s website at

When it comes to alcohol and drug rehab, timing is crucial. The sooner a teen receives proper treatment, the better their chances of achieving and maintaining a sober lifestyle.  Today’s drug rehab facilities provide a wide variety of addiction recovery options including individual and group therapy, dual diagnosis, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, drug detox and mandatory education program. By accessing the helpline, teens can find the right drug rehab facility with the right staff, which is vital in the recovery process.

About the helpline:

Teenagers in Bernardsville, NJ who need assistance locating an accredited drug and alcohol rehab facility are encouraged to call the new helpline at (908) 998-1175 or visit them online at

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