Helpline in Dobbs Ferry Aids in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Recovery

A new helpline in Dobbs Ferry, NY benefits teens in search of help overcoming drug and alcohol abuse.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (4/7/2014) – Alcoholism is a serious illness. Will power is good to have, but unfortunately, for teens facing a drug or alcohol addiction will power is not enough for them to obtain sobriety. They need a strong support system. They can find support at a rehab center.

The child advocates at a rehab center come from different backgrounds. Some of them consist of child psychologists, teen addiction therapists, and licensed staff nurses. You can help your friend or family member get enrolled into a rehab center. Learn how you can do your part in your loved one’s recovery by calling the drug and alcohol rehab helpline at (914) 401-4382.

It is possible for teens living in Dobbs Ferry to be free from the tight bonds of drugs and alcohol. They need to separate themselves from the problem. The best place to do that is at a rehab center. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Call the teen substance abuse helpline today.

About the helpline:

Teenagers in Dobbs Ferry, NY who need assistance locating a certified drug and alcohol rehab facility are encouraged to call the new helpline at (914) 401-4382 or visit them at

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