How to Love God? Cultivating a Relationship with the Lord

McEachern couples the Word of God with insight
to form an ideal relationship with the Lord – . . . just as with anyone else

LIGHTNING RELEASES (12/19/2013) – Within the pages of Maria McEachern’s new book, How to Love God Back? ($21.49, paperback, 978-1-62509-266-3; $9.99, e-book, 978-1-62509-882-5 ) readers will gain a relationship with God as a substitute to mere religion. The author comments, “Relationship is the way to return love to God in the way He wants it not only the way we think we should give Him.” McEachern’s mission is to provide her audience with the opportunity to apply themselves in truly learning of God, instead of taking the popular route of following a fruitless religious routine.

 “Relationships are what you make of them, with family, friends and even with the Lord,” states the author. “I offer detailed application regarding the definitive and functional aspects of relationships, giving clear insight to the word of God in comparison to our everyday, natural and practical relationships as well.”

Maria McEachern is a contributing writer to a Christian Women’s Newsletter. She has served as an effective mentor in her community, in the capacity of church board member/secretary and Sunday school teacher of teens. The author expresses: “During the course of ministry I’ve shared advice from the Word of God, years of experience of my own process, with many, which I’ve seen frustrated and struggling with their salvation walk. Where the Word of God may seem obscure, I’ve connected the dots of how we already apply these steps in relationships, which God created us to have, even with Him.”

 Retailers may order How to Love God Back? through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors. The book is available online through,, and

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