Instamour, a New, Real Time Video Dating App Gets Over 1,000 Users In First 2 Weeks

The revolutionary new mobile video dating app Instamour has gotten over 1,000 downloads in just 2 weeks since launching on the App Store with more people trying it out every day.

PRESS RELEASE (10/17/2013) – Imagine if you merged Instagram with Facebook and Vine along with a dash of OkCupid.  Well the makers of Instamour have done just that. At least that’s what people are saying about the disruptive new relationship app that released on the Apple App store just two weeks ago.. Every so often a new platform comes out that changes technology forever. Facebook did it for social networking, YouTube did it for video, Instagram did it for photos, and Instamour is now doing it for relationships.

Unlike other dating apps, the sign up process takes less than 60 seconds using email, and just one button click with Facebook.  Users can create unique and fun videos for their profiles, and enjoy watching other member videos to begin choosing a match.  After expressing interest, users can communicate via video chat, instant chat, and email, creating a safe environment to ease first date jitters.  Instamour offers more privacy than most apps, and has a zero tolerance for harassment or spam.

CEO and Founder Jason Sherman says, “Online dating has been broken for far too long.  It’s time for someone to fix this mess using modern technology.  There is nothing more real than a video.  Pictures and text based profiles just don’t work, they never have.”  When Jason asked Caitlin Cantor, a licensed dating and relationship therapist why she likes to use Instamour she responded, “The fact that I can watch videos of guys, and not get any emails until I push their heart is golden.  I love the fact that I can have a virtual date with someone via video chat before meeting them to see if we have any chemistry.  I’ve gone on too many bad dates.  Enough is enough.”

The app is free to use with upgrades in the next version that will give members the option to add video filters, profile picture borders, custom ringtones, and more.  It is currently available on the Apple App store, and coming soon on the Google Play marketplace.  Check out their commercial here.

About Instamour: Instamour is the next evolution of technology-based dating (TBD), enabling the shift from static online pictures/text to a real-time audio-video experience which enables real relationships in real-time. The issues which have plagued  online daters for decades (out-of-date profiles, security issues, hit-and-miss communications process) are dissolved with Instamour’s approach which leverages full-spectrum video and sound profiles right on your smartphone, secure instant chat, and secure video chat in real-time.  The app is free to users, and available now on the Apple iTunes App Store, coming soon on the Google Play Market. 

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