LB Marketing Launches WOW Antlers – LED Light Up Car Antlers – Just in Time for the Holidays

PRESS RELEASE (11/7/2013) – For over 20 years, LB Marketing has been supplying hundreds of retail products – including a large selection of festive holiday items – to the largest retailers across North America. This year, for the first time ever, LB is expanding its line and will be selling directly to consumers online with its new product, WOW Antlers.

WOW Antlers are adorable LED, light-up antlers used to decorate cars and bicycles for the holiday season. “Our vision is to make people’s lives a little better by saving them a trip to the store, while still offering the best quality merchandise at the right price,” said LB Marketing CEO Douglas Kaye.

The antlers even come along with a whimsical story. According to the website, there are three additional reindeer named Earl, Barry, and Rusty who are the creators of Santa Claus’ reindeer training facilities or R.T.F. In their studies, Earl, Barry, and Rusty found that, although highly conditioned and trained, reindeer get tired during their trip around the world every Christmas. Therefore, R.T.F is releasing WOW Antlers. This homing device allows Santa’s team of eight to know where they can rest and feed to regain their energy. With the purchase of WOW Antlers, the owner pledges to leave food out for the reindeer. In return the reindeer will leave a special surprise.

The LB Marketing team hopes that people looking to celebrate the holiday season find the product and WOW Antler story as fun as they do. “These antlers are meant to bring smiles to all who see them,” says Kaye. “And, as residents of Atlanta, we spend a lot of time in traffic. Hopefully, this product will help remind people of the playful and childlike nature of the season – even during rush hour.”

For more information or to purchase WOW Antlers, visit WOW Antlers can also be found in Pep Boys, Auto Zone, and other fine retailers this holiday season. To connect with WOW Antlers on social media, visit Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. WOW Antlers’ social media sites offer contests and activities for children and families.

About LB Marketing: LB Marketing, Inc. is a direct importing source for major market retailers around the world. LB Marketing also develops groundbreaking products for clients around the world. LB specializes in the automotive industry, but branches out to all categories of retail. Police Security, Alpine Gear, Wells Stanton, and Falalalalights are all products that may be found in your nearest retailer under the LB umbrella. For more information about LB Marketing, visit

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