Modi Prime Minister of BJP Shadow Cabinet, Advani, Badal, Deputy : NRI’s, US, Canada, UK.

LIGHTNING RELEASES 04/01/14 –Ottawa Ont. Canada. The NDA will win 163 seats in the Lok Sabha elections, riding on the back of the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat, while UPA will (reverse) achieve the target of BJP’s Mission of 272, an opinion poll done by NRI’s in United States, Canada, U.K. and Australia.

Political consultants, Prof. Chris Brown of British Parliament Critics, in London, England term it the new shadow cabinet with Modi, just like the one with the Leader of Labour Party Ed Miliband M.P., while L.K.Advani and Arun Jaitley, designated as Deputy Prime Ministers, like Harriet Harman M.P.of the Labour Party of England.

In 1969, John Turner published The Shadow Cabinet in British Politics, which he believed to be the first serious study of the development of the institution in that country. Four years later, British academic R.M. Punnet published Frontbench Opposition: The Role of the Leder of the Opposition, the Shadow Cabinet and Shadow Government in British Politics and it is from this latter work that most of the argument in this section is drawn.

 The Shadow Cabinet  is a group of senior Opposition spokespeople, elected to Parliament, who form an alternative Cabinet to the Government’s, whose members shadow or mark each individual Minister or Portfolio of the Government. Members in Ottawa Canada of the Opposition NDP are generally referred to as Opposition Critics. Their ranks are similar to the Government portfolio’s.

 NRI’s and their Associations, including Overseas Friends of BJP, Indian Overseas Congress, Aam Admi Party USA, all have been assigned roles to conduct studies in the Lok Sabha campaign, strategies of respective parties. Some US, UK, Canadian PR Firms are advising the two main political parties of India Congress and BJP. While Indian Overseas Congress has a strong Lobby of “Political Think Tanks”, called “backroom boys”, BJP has also duplicated the same policy with Foreign hired Political consultants, who are advising the “Presidential “, campaign of BJP. Some sources claim BJP has an estimated $ 50 Million dollar, tag to some of these advisors, in a bid with similarities of U.S. Presidential form of Campaign.

Dr. Rajiv Patel of New Jersey has forwarded a “Aam Admi Lok Sabha”, paper compiled by American Political Forum, to Arvind Kejriwal as tools for his campaign. Indian Overseas Congress President Vikram Bajwa, has hired Firms acting as Political Consultants to CNN, ABC, NBC, Democratic National Party, Republican Party to evolve a winning strategy for UPA and the Indian National Congress, in April Elections. Terming it as “Winback of South Block”, IOC General Secretary Sunil Malhotra said ” Web has created a Global Web Politics”, we are sending regular Emails to AICC and Congress candidates, with our inputs to improve the Indian Political system and its functioning.

 Mukesh Gandhi thinks Narendra Modi will achieve the distinction of heading a “Shadow Cabinet” as Prime Minister of BJP, just like Tom Mulclair of NDP, in Canada, with their seniors as Shadow Cabinet members, just like here in Ottawa. Daljit Bhullar of Aam Admi, wants Harsimrat Badal as Shadow Deputy Prime Minister, since Arun Jaitley will loose his Lok Sabha run with Capt. Amarinder Singh.

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