Money Saving Tips for College

No matter how you slice it, college is expensive.  Even if you were to attend college on a scholarship or using government money, you would still be faced with the cost of rent, groceries, cell phone, airline tickets, dining out, clothes, etc.  Then, if any portion of tuition and books are being paid, you quickly see the importance of learning about money saving tips for college.  The great thing is that many opportunities exist for saving money but the key is learning what they are.

Below, we provided some great money saving tips for college specific to areas that tend to cost the most.  With this information, you would have more options to consider, which ultimately would mean less stress while attending college and more money in your pocket to enjoy.

College Related Expenses

These money savings tips for college would relate to various college-related expenses to include tuition, books, lab time, etc.

•    Purchase used books over new.  Often, books will not change from one year to the next for some time so instead of paying full price to carry around new books, look for postings at school or ask around for used books.  You will also find that because some people highlight or mark in textbooks, this could be advantageous by showing key information for that particular class.

•    The library can be a great place for saving money.  For instance, copies of courses are often reserved by professors so rather than pay for books, you may be able to sign a copy out to use several hours a day.  In addition, if the college/university where you go to school does not have used books needed, check with other local educational institutions.

•    For term papers, essays, book reports, and other coursework, rather than pay to buy one or have one written for you, another one of the great money saving tips for college is to download one free from the internet.

•    For personal items such as clothes, furniture for the apartment, and other incidentals, consider buying from local thrift stores.  Today, thrift stores are full of amazing finds so this would be an ideal way of reducing expenses.  You can also find bargains at vintage stores, army surplus stores, garage sales, and flea markets.

•    Set a budget and stick to it.  While this is one of those money saving tips for college that sounds obvious, you would be amazed by the number of students who have never created a budget.  In many cases, students have no clue how so learning the right way to create a budget and then following it would keep you on track financially.

•    More than likely, you have one or more credit cards and while helpful in case of emergency, credit cards can also cause serious financial problems.  Therefore, as part of our money saving tips for college we also wanted to suggest you look for credit cards that offer a 0% Annual Percentage Rate and low or no balance transfer fees.  Regardless of the credit card you end up with, always make your payments on time, which will help build good credit.

•    Finally, when attending college it is important to enjoy yourself.  Therefore, whether entertainment, physical activities, or exercise at a local gym, think before spending.  As an example, if you want to go out for a drink with friends, look for nice places that have cheap happy hour, which also means free food.  You should also consider buffet restaurants that allow doggie bags opposed to ordering Chinese or pizza in.  Then, for entertainment consider walking at the park, free outdoor concerts, visiting museums, and a variety of other affordable venues.

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