Most Unique College Scholarships

You might think that college scholarships are limited but as you are about to discover, there have been some unique college scholarships, if not bizarre scholarships that have helped people earn a college degree.  While scholarships such as those mentioned in this article may be somewhat rare, they are a good reminder that when it comes to financial aid, opportunities can come in strange forms.  If you have always dreamed of earning a college education but know without financial aid this will never come to fruition, this information may encourage you to think outside the box and consider all possibilities.

For many students, the process of getting a degree starts with creativity, whether attending a two-year community college or four-year university.  Instead of backing yourself into a corner and thinking you only have a few options to consider, let these examples of unique college scholarships prove that with determination and perseverance, all things are possible.  While some of these scholarships are unique and others downright odd, they are all real.

•    Every year, the National Beef Ambassador Program hosts a competitive public speaking seminar.  Associated and supported by the beef industry, prizes are given out to the best speakers in the form of scholarships.  Of course, the speeches must be related to this particular industry, specifically focusing on production processes, food safety, and nutrition of beef.

•    Similar to the unique college scholarship regarding beef, the Vegetarian Resource Group offers two scholarships each year in the amount of $5,000 each.  High school seniors who have been involved with the promotion of the vegetarian lifestyle and benefits within various communities are invited to apply.

•    Tall Clubs International, also referred to as TCI, also offers scholarships.  This organization operates various social gatherings, as well as conventions around the country in honor of tall people.  In this case, qualifications include becoming a member of a local TCI chapter and being a minimum of 5’10” tall if a female, and 6’2” if a male.

•    Living with an illness or disability is no laughing matter and more than likely, have faced your fair number of challenges.  However, being in this situation could also help you secure college funding.  Another one of the most unique college scholarships is for people who have a disability of health issue.  For instance, scholarships are available if you have asthma, sickle-cell anemia, epilepsy, diabetes, and so on.  While there are a number of sponsors for scholarships such as these, Pfizer is considered among the best.

•    You could also check out college scholarships offered by the American Association of Candy Technologies.  Eligibility for application includes being a sophomore, junior, or senior in high school, showing genuine interest in the food industry, specifically in the science of sugary confections, and having a major in food science or another food-related field.

•    Although the scholarship offered as an “Excellence in Predicting the Future Award” is only $400, the money would certainly be enough to help with books and lab time.  If you are interested in pursuing an education in economics, you would have the opportunity to use play money to go online to sell and buy predictions within the trading market.

•    The last of the unique college scholarships we wanted to mention has to do with skateboarding.  Of all the scholarship opportunities mentioned, this one has a different twist.  In honor of the skateboard activist Patrick Kerr, skateboarder’s mothers set up this scholarship fund for people who share a love of the sport.  Each year, $8,000 is offered but of course, you would need to meet the set criteria.  For this college scholarship, not only would you need to love skateboarding but also maintain a 2.5 or higher GPA.  To qualify, you do not need to be an actual skateboarder but you would need to be able to demonstrate a passion for the sport by being involved and/or having a positive influence on this sector.

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