Neil H. Brandt, Creator Of The Popular “Your Perfect Prayer To God!” Finally Speaks Out About How And Why He Began His Spiritual Mission.

PRESS RELEASE (11/19/2013) – The Messiah Network has over 500,000 reads of “Your PerfectPrayer To God!”.  The Internet is alive and growing with this story.  The Messiah Network website came on line less than a year ago followed with many inspirational YouTube infotainment videos.  The media has picked up on this story from various perspectives.   The Messiah Network has received many inquiries regarding ‘who is Neil H. Brandt’ and how did he hit on such a powerful message?

Neil has finally decided to speak personally to answer these questions.  Recently Neil was a special guest on a national radio/TV show with Pastor Wiley Drake.  Neil’s “Your Perfect Prayer To God” was read at the National Congressional Prayer Conference and heard by thousands.   The overwhelmingly positive response to “Your Perfect Prayer To God” has encouraged Neil to continue his spiritual mission.  Never before have you seen such a unique approach to fulfill a promise to God. Click here and listen!

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To honor our Veterans this month, Watch the Patriotic video ‘Born To America!‘, composed and performed by Neil H. Brandt. 

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