New Addiction Helpline in Chenango, NY Provides Substance Abuse Recovery Information for Teens

The new helpline in Chenango, NY is providing hope for adolescents struggling with addiction.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (4/8/2014) – The Alcoholism Treatment Chenango Helpline can be reached at (607) 235-5862 any time, day or night. It is specifically for the teenagers and young adults who are serious about overcoming their drug and alcohol addiction. The helpline was established because of the rising number of teens who are involved in substance abuse.

The helpline gives information on the treatments and programs available at teen rehabilitation facilities. Some of the common programs at rehabs consist of group therapy, individual therapy, drug detox, and education programs. The answers to tons of drug and alcohol recovery questions are available just by calling the helpline.

If you cannot call the helpline or you do not feel comfortable speaking to a live person on the phone, you can email Don’t let anything stop you from getting the sobriety you need.

About Alcoholism Treatment Chenango Helpline:

The Alcoholism Treatment Chenango Helpline is a resourceful took for anyone who needs assistance trying to end a drug or alcohol addiction. For information on the rehab treatment centers and their many different programs, call (941) 234-0530 or visit

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