New Addiction Helpline in Manorville, NY Assists Troubled Teens Suffering From Substance Abuse

The Alcoholism Treatment Manorville Helpline gives young teens the ability to find dependable drug detoxification treatment centers.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (4/6/2014) – Adolescents who suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction in Manorville, NY do not have to worry about how they are going to become sober now. A new helpline has been established to inform the adolescents about the innovative treatment options available to help them end their drug and alcohol dependencies.

The Alcoholism Treatment Manorville Helpline is (631) 693-6821. Teenagers can call this helpline to find a drug detoxification treatment center that can best help them surpass their addiction problems.  Once admitted into a teenage rehab facility, they will be able to take advantage of the benefits that come from the treatment known as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

DBT is a cognitive behavior therapy that will help the young addicts determine what mental illnesses were the cause that lead to their addictions. Through DBT, the teens will be able to control their emotions better and work on their personal needs.

About the Alcoholism Treatment Manorville Helpline:

Teenagers and young adults who are struggling with substance abuse are urged to call the Alcoholism Treatment Manorville Helpline right now at (631) 693-6821. Other resourceful information about drug and alcohol abuse can be viewed online at

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