New Adolescent Helpline in Kenilworth Aids Search for Substance Abuse Recovery

LIGHTNING RELEASES (4/3/2014)- Teenage drug and alcohol addiction is a serious issue throughout New Jersey. Countless adolescents in Kenilworth, NJ battle substance abuse on a daily basis. Unfortunately a large percentage of young people suffering from chemical dependencies are unaware of where to find help for their problem.  A new helpline established in Kenilworth is providing young addicts with reliable drug rehab assistance.

By dialing (908) 975-0167, teens can speak directly to certified addiction professionals. Operators are always available to provide information on the latest treatment options available at rehab facilities as well as guidance and support.  Parents can contact the helpline to learn about which rehab centers provide their child with the best chance to achieve sobriety. Additional information can be found on the helpline’s website by visiting . Discussing a substance abuse problem with friend and family members can be helpful. But there’s no substitute for getting help from certified addiction professionals.

Drug rehab facilities offer several different treatment options including drug detox, dual diagnosis, individual and group therapy and mandatory education programs. The goal of the new helpline is to provide a valuable tool for young addicts who are desperately looking for assistance. Teens who are ready to make a commitment to rehab are encouraged to call today to find their path to recovery.

 About the helpline:

Substance abuse has long been a major issue in Kenilworth, NJ for many years. The new helpline is designed to provide teenagers information treatment programs available at various drug and alcohol rehab centers. Parents and their teens are encouraged to call (908) 975-0167 or visit the helpline’s website online at 





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