New Adolescent Helpline in Tomball Aids Teens in Finding Substance Abuse Treatment

A new helpline in Tomball, TX is now available for young adults seeking information on addiction recovery and treatment.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (3/21/2014) – A new adolescent helpline in Tomball, TX has been established to provide young adults with reliable information on substance abuse recovery. The helpline is a much-needed resource for young adults in Tomball who once had very options for drug and alcohol addiction recovery. The goal of the helpline is   to provide teen addicts with valuable information on treatment options available at rehab facilities which fit their needs.

Until recently, there has very little access to rehab information available for adolescents in Tomball. The helpline is changing that with a toll-free number that is open 24/7 and can be reached at (936) 398-8279. Certified addiction specialists are available to address any questions or concerns callers have pertaining to substance abuse.  Parents with a teenager who is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction are encouraged to contact the helpline for information on how they can help their child find and maintain a sober lifestyle.

Teens and their parents can also access addition information on rehab and recovery programs by visiting the helpline’s corresponding website, The website contains helpful information on inpatient treatment programs, therapy options used during treatment, educational options available to teenage rehab patients, and much more. By learning as much as possible about teenage rehab facilities and programs, young adults and their parents will be able to make informed decisions on what treatments are right for their recoveries.

About the helpline:

To address the problem of teenage drug and alcohol abuse in Tomball, TX, a new helpline has been established. The helpline is dedicated to helping young adults overcome substance abuse by providing accurate information about local drug and alcohol rehab centers and their treatment programs. Teenage addicts and their parents are encouraged to call the helpline at (936) 398-8279 or to email for more information.


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