New Adolescent Helpline Provides Teens in Tarrytown, NY with Addiction Recovery Information

A new helpline has been established in Tarrytown, NY to help teen addicts get information on how to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (4/5/2014) -There are too many teenagers in Tarrytown, NY with a drug and alcohol addiction. To help resolve this huge problem, a new helpline was established for teens who are living in Tarrytown, NY. This adolescent wellness helpline can be reached by dialing (914) 610-4397, and it is available 24/7. There are always teen addiction experts available to offer guidance, understanding, and reliable information.

The teen substance abuse helpline will offer the young addicts with information on the proper treatment methods they can participate in while they are at a rehabilitation center. Some of the treatment methods available at teen rehab centers include aftercare planning, dual diagnosis, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and music therapy.

Teen rehab centers are facilities that teens with any kind of addiction should feel comfortable to going to. They treat teens with alcohol addictions, cocaine addictions, marijuana addictions, prescription drug addictions, and many other. Call the helpline today to get started on your pathway to success.

About the helpline:

Calling the drug rehab and detox helpline at (914) 610-4397 or sending an email to can jumpstart the recovery process for those teens who are looking to become sober.

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