New Helpline in Miller Place Helps Teens Find Recovery

The Alcoholism Treatment Miller Place Helpline provides reliable information to teens who need help with drug and alcohol addiction.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (4/6/2014) – Teenagers in Miller City, NY struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, just like adults do. It is not uncommon for teen addicts to be reluctant to coming forward about their addiction struggles. They are usually afraid of what their parents, friends, and other family members will think of them. They tend to be feel alone with their substance abuse problems. The new Alcoholism Treatment Miller Place Helpline has been created to provide reliable information to troubling teens.

When the teen addicts call the helpline by dialing (631) 601-2812, they will speak to teen addiction counselors. One of the first things they will tell the teens is that they are not alone and they do not have to struggle by themselves with their substance abuse problems. There is a team of highly-skilled professionals at the rehab facilities who will assist the teens in their recovery. This group of professionals are called child advocates.

The child advocates are trained to work with young addicts. They will offer them their time, their skills, their listening ears, and their patience. They will encourage the teens to continue to push forward in their recovery and find sobriety. They will provide a safe environment for the teens to get total health and wellness.

About the Alcoholism Treatment Miller Place Helpline:

Teenagers and young adults who are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction are encouraged to call the Alcoholism Treatment Miller Place Helpline at (631) 601-2812. They can also visit  

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