New Helpline in Wyandanch, NY Provides Assistance for Teenage Addiction Recovery

A new helpline in Wyandanch is providing hope to young addicts struggling with substance abuse.

LIGHTNING RELEASES (4/5/2014) – Adolescents who are facing a drug or alcohol addiction may have other mental illness as well. Some of the most common mental illness a teen addict may be struggling with include panic disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, ADHD, OCD, and spectrum disorder. Teen addicts living in Wyandanch, NY can now turn to a new helpline for information on how to get treatment.

The Alcoholism Treatment Wyandanch Helpline is (631) 881-4327, and it is available to parents and teens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The helpline was created to connect the teen addicts to skilled professionals who specialize in drug and alcohol abuse. The professionals are called child advocated because they work in the rehabilitation settings. They use their skills and time to help the teens that are seeking treatment for their addictions.

Rehab facilities also have education programs for their residents. Whether they need to continue with their current general education development classes or they need to get their GED because they didn’t finish high school, teenage rehab facilities can help. They invest education into the students and they offer guidance to them. Call the helpline today and start your recovery process now. 

About the Alcoholism Treatment Wyandanch Helpline:

Teenagers and young adults struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol are urged to call the Alcoholism Treatment Wyandanch Helpline at (631) 881-4327 or email

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