New Jersey Nutrition School Now Offers Courses in Classroom Setting as well as Online

Academy of Natural Health Sciences in Woodbridge, New Jersey is now offering courses both online as well as the classroom for their Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Health program.  This incredible program allows both local residents along with international students to take part of a popular program where participants will learn a vast amount of information about holistic health treatments. 

Both programs are 500 hours for course completion and students will take a variety of courses take a variety of courses that includes Basic Nutrition, Herbs and Mushrooms, Homeopathy, Nutrition and Immunity, Anatomy and Physiology for Nutritionists, Detoxification and Gastrointestinal Health, Weight Loss Systems, Sports Nutrition, Nutritional Supplements, Fitness and Exercise, Stress Management and many more.

This professional clinical and holistic nutrition education program is a great stepping-stone for those that wish to work in their own holistic medicine private practice, wellness centers, healthcare offices, health food stores, gyms, spas, and other non-hospital and non-institutional settings.

Throughout ten months, students will take 16 seminar courses designed to provide well-rounded knowledge in clinical nutrition and holistic health.  Students seeking nutrition certification will complete all 16 seminars along with competency tests, report papers and class projects.  Upon certification from the Academy of Natural Health Sciences, students are also eligible for additional certification by the American Association of Nutritional Consultants.

The program at the Academy of Natural Health Sciences allows students to take the following courses:

·         Basic Nutrition – students will learn about fundamental nutrients, digestion, super foods, meal planning, vegetarianism, holistic nutrition, macrobiotics, and more.

·         Advanced Nutrition – students will learn about food values, metabolism, enzymes, genetics, aging, pregnancy, nutritional deficiencies, specialized diets, and other core nutrition concepts.

·         Herbs and Mushrooms – students learn about effective herbal protocols, herbal contraindications, traditional use of herbs in American and European culture, mushroom products, and how mushrooms help stimulate the body’s healing process.

·         Homeopathy – students learn about homeopathic remedies and become well versed in homeopathic techniques.

·         Nutrition and Immunity – students learn how the immune system works along with foods, diets, supplements, lifestyle habits, and how to use nutrition to fight off disease.

·         Detoxification – students learn about abnormal pathogens, parasitology, ecology, stool analysis, cleansing diets, fasting and other detoxifying techniques.

·         Weight-Loss Systems – students learn about the most effective techniques for weight-loss and weight management.

·         Nutrition and Chronic Diseases – students learn how diets, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and other natural methods can help the body heal itself.

·         Sports Nutrition – students learn the special needs of athletes and how to maximize performance potential and stimulate grown through nutritional and holistic methods.

·         Fitness and Exercise – students learn the anatomy and physiology of the muscular system along with cardiovascular fitness, fitness testing, aerobics, stretching, weight training and more to be able to design a personal fitness program.

·         Healing Psychology – students learn basic psychological theories as it applies to spirituality, mental health, mental illness and more.

·         Health Assessments I – students learn to assess a person’s nutritional and holistic health status through interpretations of questionnaires, lifestyle analysis, family health history and symptoms of nutritional deficiencies.

·         Health Assessments II – students will continue what they learned in Health Assessments I and utilize the client’s muscle system, nervous system and acupuncture meridians to assess a client’s holistic health.

·         Clinical Assessments – students learn nutritional interpretation of blood, urine, hair, saliva, and stool.

·         Counseling Practicum – students conducts nutritional and holistic health counseling sessions with friends and family and engages in class discussions.

·         Business Practicum – students learn about the business side of nutritional and holistic health, which includes professional liability insurance, consent forms, scope of practice, code of ethics and other practical concepts.

The tuition for this program covers all necessary materials for courses at this nutrition school located just a 40-minute train ride away from New York City.  Students will learn all the necessary skills to become a nutritional and holistic health specialist for gyms, spas, private practices, and other non-hospital settings.

For more information, visit to learn more about this nutrition school conveniently located in Woodbridge, New Jersey and available online.

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