New Rehab Helpline in Sunset Offers Teens a Shot at Recovery

LIGHTNING RELEASES 03/28/14 — For years, teenage addiction has been a problem which has largely gone unnoticed in Sunset, FL. The Sunset Adolescent Rehab Helpline has been established to combat the rising statistics of drug and alcohol abuse among young adults.  Teens who often develop a chemical dependency don’t know where to get the proper help. The helpline provides valuable information for teens and their parents about rehab programs designed specifically for young adults

By calling the Sunset Adolescent Rehab Helpline at (305) 396-8682, young adults can reach out to a substance abuse expert who can answer their questions while providing information, guidance and support. Parents can use the helpline to find out more about treatment options available for their teenager at a recovery facility.  Plenty of adolescents are afraid to discuss their substance abuse issues with their parents. The helpline gives teenagers the opportunity to speak about their problems without the fear of being judged. By getting feedback from a compassionate substance abuse professional, adolescents are more comfortable with facing their addiction head on.

Teenagers and parents can also access additional information at the helpline’s website The website provides detailed information on various aspects of recovery programs and facilities designed to help teenagers overcome their issues with substance abuse.

About Sunset Adolescent Rehab Helpline:

Teenagers struggling to overcome substance abuse are urged to contact Sunset Adolescent Rehab Helpline at (305) 396-8682.  To learn more about how a drug rehab center can help teens achieve sobriety, visit them online at for more information. 

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