NRI’s, Acknowledge Dr.Manmohan Singh like Grand Father of Rahul Gandhi, Indian Overseas Congress

Toronto, Sunil Verma. Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh and Cabinet’s U-Turn to withdraw the contentious ordinance that allows convicted parliamentarians to stay in office, a proposal that was severely and publicly condemned last week by Rahul Gandhi, has him earned the praise of Non Resident Indians, in Canada and United States.

Indian Overseas Congress, executive had conveyed their sentiments for withdrawal, to Dr. Manmohan SIngh in New York, after his meeting with Pakistan Prime Minister Janab Nawaz Sharif. This is the First step in the Right direction to curb corruption and crime in India’s politics, as India improves its image in the G-8 Nations and U.N. Security council.

In a recent poll 89% of NRI’s approved Rahul Gandhi’s thoughts on curbing corruption, to winback UPA 3, in Parliament, even though there are Regional players, who support the present UPA Government. IOC President Vikram Bajwa is of the opinion, “this action of Rahul, will empower the Congress Party, to obtain a majority in 2014 Lok Sabha, this is the first historic step after Independence, since 1947 and is the voice of Young India”. Dr. Mahesh Sinha of Indo-Canadians against Corruption, lauded Rahul Gandhi’s, political move to “Trash the Ordinance, in public, he deserves our praise for his courage”.

Prof. Amar Dhillon, of University of Chicago, a friend of Dr. Manmohan SIngh, spoke of the Prime Minister’s handling of the withdrawal of the ordinance as he is like a “Grand Father of Rahul Gandhi”, who listens to him, without any reservations.

Indian Overseas Congress, Executive, AAPIIA, GOPIO, OFBJP, SAD, FIIA, all NRI organizations support the withdrawal of this ordinance.

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