Record Number of Females in Software Development: New Evans Data Survey Shows Most Female Developers in 15 years

LIGHTNING RELEASES: SANTA CRUZ, CA. (4/8/2014) – The number of females in software development has increased by 87% since first being measured in 2001, according to Evans Data’s recently released Developer Marketing 2014 survey.  In 2014, 19.3% of software developers are women, or approximately three and a half million female software developers worldwide.  While today’s number is strong compared to 2001, it is even stronger compared to the years of 2003 to 2009 when the percent of female developers dipped into the single digit range.  The survey of over 450 software developers, which is now in its fifteenth year, also shows that today’s female software developers tend to be younger than their male counterparts with just over 40% being under the age of thirty.

“We’ve seen the population of female software developers growing since the last recession,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data. “This is probably due to the rise of technology and computer science fields vs. the fall of more traditional jobs that women have done in the past.  Women are viewing technology as a profession with a very favorable future.  Of course, the shift is also due to older males leaving the profession during the last recession when older, more expensive workers often were the ones laid off first.”

The in-depth survey shows the demographics, psychographics, and attitudes of over 450 professional software developers, providing a margin of error of + – 4.8%, an industry standard. The survey provides marketers with the information they need to successfully market to developers.

The Developer Relations Program survey examines a wide array of areas that are integral to a developer marketing campaign. This includes demographics, psychographics, outreach, influencers, conference and trade shows, online advertising, forming and maintaining a community, and more.

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