rightMEDlabel, a New Solution for Increased Patient Safety in Operating Rooms, Debuts With the First Patented Sterile Medication Labeling Solution Matched to Any Medication Container

LIGHTNING RELEASES (4/2/12014) – rightMEDlabel, LLC, a new company focused on assisting hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers with a patented sterile medication labeling solution that meets or exceeds industry standards, made it’s debut this week at the surgical conference and expo for the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) in Chicago.

rightMEDlabel offers compliant sterile labels attached to medication containers in a peel pouch for use in the sterile field to eliminate the improper dispensing of medication caused by non-compliant labeling. The rightMEDlabel patented solution provides a number of tangible benefits that include:

• Reduced opportunity for errors in dispensing medications

• Reduced the cost associated with medication errors

• Continuous reimbursement

• Lowered labor costs

• Improved administrative savings

• Enhanced speed and efficiency

• Prepared for bar code readiness (future proofed)

“We know that in the perioperative setting, human errors in medication labeling can have dire consequences,” said Joseph Patton, President of rightMEDlabel. “We believe that with rightMEDlabel the solution is already in the hands of OR nurses. When a medication is  labeled in compliance with The Joint Commission standards, the opportunity for dispensing errors resulting from non-compliant labeling is significantly minimized.”

With recent directives issued by U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP), The Joint Commission and AORN, the solution offered by rightMEDlabel directly solves the issues addressed by USP, TJC and AORN. In fact, to combat the issue of improper dispensing of medication caused by non-compliant labeling, USP issued a prescription to improve medication labeling:

“Institutions and professional organizations should call upon manufacturers to produce drug products in ready-to-use packaging with sterile, duplicate labels to avoid errors with labeling.”

rightMEDlabel is the invention of Nora Conner, an operating room nurse, who knew there had to be a better way to label medications in the sterile field. The system she invented and tested is the result of countless hours of research and prototyping. The patented rightMEDlabel sterile medication labeling solution is the only system of its kind. The triplicate compliant sterile labels (with two additional blanks) are attached to the original vial or other medication container in a peel pouch.

“The goal of rightMEDlabel is to provide innovative products, systems and solutions that meet or exceed current safety standards in order to minimize risk factors associated with the surgical patient,” Patton said.

About rightMEDlabel, LLC

rightMEDlabel offers a common-sense solution that reduces opportunities for errors in labeling in the sterile field. The rightMEDlabel system contains triplicate, fan-folded sterile labels pre-printed with all medication information required to be compliant with USP, The Joint Commission and AORN, attached to original medication vials and other containers in a sterilized peel pouch for immediate use in the sterile field. Products from rightMEDlabel are manufactured and distributed by McFarlane Medical, Inc. For more information, please visit www.rightmedlabel.com.

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