Saving On College Education Cost With On-Campus Jobs

For some reason, many people who head off to college think the only option available for making money is with an off campus job but in truth, many of the larger colleges and universities have a number of different positions.  Although some on campus jobs pay more than others and the variety of jobs would be unique, you would be amazed at the number of possibilities.  If you think you would like to secure a job on the campus for the college or university you plan to attend, start doing research early.  As you can imagine, the better jobs and those that pay most are in high demand so knowing your options and then taking the appropriate steps to secure a position are essential.

The best option by far would be to determine your eligibility for a work study.  If you were to qualify, then a huge variety of jobs on campus would become available, as well as jobs off campus.  In addition, many of these jobs have a starting pay around $8 with some paying as much as $12 an hour.  With a work study program, jobs such as coordinating community service projects, tutoring in a public school, working for the Peace Corp, helping out in the financial aid or academics office, or even assisting on campus students would be possibilities.

In addition to job availability and good pay, work study programs have other benefits.  For instance, you would be offered positions that coordinate with your qualifications and skills, as well as jobs of interest.  In addition, these jobs are designed to work with your class schedule so you get the hours needed but also hours that allow you to maintain focus on the number one reason for going to college – education.  That way, your education always comes first but because the job in the work study program would likely have some connection to your area of study, it would actually prove beneficial to earning your college degree.

Along with jobs available on campus through a work study program, you would find a number of non-work study jobs as well.  For instance, most colleges and universities have great need in the admissions office.  Although the busiest time would be at the start of each new academic year, work continues throughout the year.  This may involve scheduling students, mailing out packets of information, running errands, and more.  Because the admissions office generally has the greatest need, we recommend you start there.

In addition to this, the financial aid office is also very busy.  Again, the busiest time is typically at the start of the school year but because needs change and grants, scholarships, and other forms of financial aid come in for payment toward tuition throughout the year, there is always plenty of work to do.  Another possibility would be working in the bookstore.  If you plan to go to a large university, the bookstore would be a good consideration.  In addition to selling books, other jobs exist for stocking, restocking, organizing, ordering, and much more.

Then, the library may be yet another source of income while attending college.  Sometimes, this type of job does not pay a significant amount but it would be considered steady income.  For this, you may be responsible for getting checked out books back in their place upon return, finding books for students attending specific classes, ordering books, or simply working with students one-on-one who need assistance in finding textbooks, downloaded information, news clippings, and more.

To determine all the different job possibilities, we suggest after choosing the college or university you want to attend that you get in touch with your counselor immediately.  That way, a determination could be made whether you qualify for a work study program but if not, you would have the option to look at different jobs that might be available.  Even the lower paying jobs help with smaller expenses, books, and items needed to live such as toiletries.  Finally, you may even find the college or university has a job that could be worked in exchange for credits opposed to money.  With this, you could do something fun while earning extra credits needed toward your college degree.

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