See In The Darkness with the Snooperscope and Your Smartphone

With the Snooperscope night vision has evolved enabling you to see more with your smartphone or tablet. 

LIGHTNING RELEASES: London, England (12/19/2013)- Imagine a world where darkness conceals nothing; a world where you can see through the blackness without super expensive and bulky night vision goggles.

There’s no need to imagine; that day has arrived with the invention of the  Snooperscope!

The Snooperscope attaches to your smartphone and cuts through the darkness, providing perfectly clear picture thanks to its night vision technology.

The SnooperScope isn’t just a cool, fun-to-have device; it also has some incredible applications in the realms of law enforcement and investigation, hunting, forensics, science, wildlife observation and beyond. It can even peer through inks, making it easy to read inked-out text or detect a forgery.

The Snooperscope smartphone night vision device and app will transform the world, forever lifting a cloak of darkness.

The Snooperscope Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has a fundraising goal of  £40,000, which will cover expenses associated with the first production run of the Snooperscope.

The SnooperScope campaign is now live and will continue through Wednesday,December 25.
Contribute today and bring the Snooperscope to the worldwide marketplace!

To find out more or to invest in the project, visit

PSY Corporation Ltd., 88-90 Hatton Street, London (

MEDIA CONTACT INFORMATION: Marco Montresor, Founder, (+44) 2035297932,

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