States With The Highest College Tuition

The cost of earning a college degree is based on a long list of factors.  For instance, cost would vary based on a two or four-year educational institution, undergraduate versus graduate program, number of credit hours, area of study, and even geographic location.  For this reason, it is common for people interested in earning a degree to search a number of possible colleges and universities both locally and nationally.  Of course, all schools charge in-state and out-of-state tuition, meaning students attending who live in the same state as the school pay less.

However, with colleges and universities being highly competitive, most are coming up with creative ways to draw students in regardless of where they live.  Therefore, while it would definitely be worth looking into schools locally, those located in other states should not be overlooked.  If you were interested in attending college in a different state from where you live, the information provided in this article would prove beneficial.  With the following list of states with the highest college tuition, if cost were a major concern you would know the geographic locations to avoid or consider last.

Of course, inflation has a huge impact on all colleges and universities regardless of location.  It is also important to consider changes in financial aid.  For instance, if you were interested in attending a college or university in a state where tuition was high, more than likely you would depend on some type of financial assistance.  Unfortunately, many of the government programs have been reduced with more coming.  In fact, last week President Obama announced his proposed budget cut for the Pell Grant in which $100 billion would be eliminated over the next 10 years.  Therefore, if you hoped to attend college in a high tuition state but needed this type of financial aid, plans may need to change.

The following are the top 20 states in order of the highest to lowest maximum fees per term.  Following this is a list of the most expenses colleges and universities.

1.    Utah – $85,255
2.    Kansas – $50,752
3.    Colorado – $45,775
4.    Florida – $43,660
5.    Minnesota – $37,808
6.    Wisconsin – $30,963
7.    Oregon – $25,700
8.    North Dakota – $25,686
9.    South Dakota – $25,685
10.    Massachusetts – $20,794
11.    Alaska – $19,455
12.    Michigan – $19,375
13.    Iowa – $17,222
14.    Illinois – $16,367
15.    Maryland – $16,308
16.    Georgia – $15,440
17.    Ohio – $15,134
18.    Oklahoma – $15,059
19.    Arizona – $15,000
20.    Tennessee – $13,426

Along with the list of states with the highest college tuition, the following is a list of specific educational institutions that cost a significant amount of money.

•    Landmark College – (Putney, Vermont) – $37,738
•    George Washington University – (Washington, DC) – Tuition $36,400
•    University of Richmond – (Richmond, Virginia) – $34,850
•    Sarah Lawrence College – (Bronxville, New York) – $34,000
•    Vassar College – (Poughkeepsie, New York) – $33,800
•    UC Davis – (Davis, California) – $25,277
•    University of Vermont – (Burlington, Vermont) – $24,934
•    University of California at Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, California) – $24,813
•    University of California at Santa Cruz (Santa Cruz, California) – $24,765

As you can see, certain states are known for having the highest college tuition but even outside of those states, some educational institutions charge a significant amount of money.  Of course, all of these colleges and universities are ranked among the best in the country and some in the world but because the cost to earn a college degree is so widely varied, taking time to conduct research would definitely be to your advantage.

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