Storja Tech Information and Employment Opportunity Conference Coming Next Week To 4 Cities

LIGHTNING RELEASES (New York City, Miami, Dallas, and San Francisco) – Saturday March 1st at 4pm at 
​City Center Conference Hall

It has been a little overwhelming with all the information requests we have been receiving since we are making a lot of claims about a technological revolution.  Project R is very exciting for all of us and we want the world to ride this wave with us.    

We intended to be mysterious since the beginning, from the LA Times Open Letter we put out, to the coded messages, and to the non-detailed incredible claims we were making.  Reading some of the comments of our press releases, we were impressed with some of the guesses people thought were behind Storja Tech.  Our favorite being that we were a viral advertisement for Dr. Who since our press agents name is Thomas Baker (Tom Baker)
We were not an organized corporation before this breakthrough; we were just a bunch of small companies and individuals working together to reach a common goal.  We knew that we had to hit the world in a big way in order to get our name out there quickly.  This is the only way we can get our technology out in a short amount of time. 

All of our lives have changed very drastically over the past couple weeks and the excitement in the air is unbelievable.  We are not great writers; we are not executives; we are just future-minded Tech folk who stumbled upon something amazing. 

Our products and services will revolutionize the world from the largest city to the smallest town.  

Some of our proprietary information is restricted to confidentiality agreements and Non-Disclosure Agreements, however, we will do our best to explain everything.  
Below I will discuss the fields that our product and service will address but before I do that let me make a few things clear:

​While we are very thrilled to provide some of our services and products for free; we will be monetizing on the indirect industries that the technology will advance.  With that said, our free services will not be supported by advertisers. 

​Here is the list of items that Storja Tech will be bringing to the world.  We will discuss all the items listed at our conferences.  We are currently in exclusive agreements with several of services/products below.    

  • Providing free access to our internet and cell phone services
  • Preventing third parties from restricting or censoring our internet
  • Delivering Internet speeds at petabits per second to the world
  • Providing alternatives to current cable and media providers 
  • Advancing the movie distribution market
  • ​Transforming the shipping industry
  • Streamlining the banking industry
  • Transforming the Credit Card Industry and providing alternatives networks
  • Providing a new payment network outside of the current infrastructure that will be instantly available to consumers and businesses at lower rates
  • Eliminating all Credit Card fraud
  • Protecting private data and increasing security across all networks
  • Connecting your home and office with the world and changing the way you interact with physical and non-physical goods
  • Eliminating the need for video game consoles 
  • Streamlining business hardware and software
  • Making the Internet of Things theme a reality without compromising privacy and security
  • Some surprises we are holding for the conference

We will also be holding network events before and after the conference with our current team and other executives. As you can imagine we are looking to hire a lot of tech, admin, exec, and other positions. 

If you would like to attend the conference please fill out our firm by visiting .  The deadline to register is Saturday (February 22nd) at midnight.  We have a limited number of seats available so please register as soon as possible.  Once you complete your reservation you will receive a confirmation with a link to download your ticket (within 48 hours) plus additional information.  


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