SkyMall adds the Guitdoorbell to its catalog of attention-grabbing objects.

Phoenix AZ (January  2014) …Did you ever wish you could play a guitar when guests come over?  Without ever taking a lesson you are now able to greet your guests with a little guitar overture.  The Guitdoorbell is a music novelty item that is actually a real guitar in half size. It mounts to any inward opening door and is available at SkyMall, the shopping catalog on airlines and online at

Inventor of the Guitdoorbell and Sacramento music storeowner Dave Lynch has had one over the front door of his shop for over a decade. He likes to keep it tuned to E7 suspended, reminiscent of the opening chord to Beatle’s song, “A Hard Day’s Night “. His customers come in with that tune running around in their head. 

The Guitdoorbell comes with mounting hardware, trophy board, pitch pipe and extra pick and can be purchased for $149.99.  According to Lynch, “Even though it is half size, it can be taken down and played like any guitar.” So, not only do you get a doorbell but a musical instrument you can actually play.

Lynch is thrilled to be included in the SkyMall catalog and commented,”It feels a lot like winning the lottery.  For the unique gift product, there is no other advertising platform on Earth better than SkyMall.”  

SkyMall, LLC  is a division of Xhibit Corp.

About Xhibit Corp.

Xhibit Corp., a digital design and technology company, is the parent company to SkyMall, a multi-channel, direct marketer offering high-quality, innovative merchandise from top direct marketers and manufacturers through the iconic SkyMall catalog and website, The SkyMall catalog is seen by approximately 87% of all domestic air passengers reaching more than 650 million travelers annually. For more information see

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