Surrey Mayor Watts and Council, liable for $ 25 Million Compensation to Julie Paskal and Gill beating.

Surrey BC. Alyssa Swan. Gurcharan Gill, an Indo-Canadian, 72 years old, senior was attacked in Newton Athletic Park, with Six stitches in his head and a fractured cheekbone and jaw. He too is too afraid to leave his home for his regular 3 time daily walk, like many seniors wanting to go to Surrey Parks to breathe the BC Beautiful clean air. On March 13, Gurcharan Gill joins the list headed by Julie Paskall “Hockey Mom”, who lost her life in a similar tragic event, while she waited to pick her son up from Newton Hockey Arena.

Mayor Dianne Watts , who chairs the Surrey Safety committee, has continuously evaded the responsibilities of a Mayor, to safeguard the residents of Surrey. Members of NDP, Liberal Party and Conservatives have had discussions on the steep rise in crime in Surrey, with suggestions of Ward System, a new Surrey Regional Police Force and questioned the role of Councilors, who have been mere spectators, evading responsibilities of Newton residents.

Since Paskall’s Decenber 31st death, the community and local politicians, including NDP MLA’s Adrian Dix, Harry Bains, former mayoral candidate Vikram Bajwa have been demanding public safety, which Surrey RCMP say they’ve enhanced.

Since Municipal elections are being held in November, with Mayor Dianne Watts and her Surrey First team, going for a re-run, there have been demands of legal repercussions and compensation for Julie Paskall and Gurcharan Gill’s deathly beatings. Former Mayoral candidate Vikram Bajwa, has consulted Human Rights and Victims compensation Lawyers in Vancouver, who have advised the families of Surrey violence victims to join hands and Sue the City of Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts and her Councilors for $ 25 Million dollar compensation to Julie Paskall’s Son and Family, Gurcharan Gill’s son Bal Gill and his Family, in order to have the Mayor and her Surrey First team re-think their Public Safety strategy, as they seek re-election.

“We will soon file a compensation case in BC Courts, in the matter of Julie Paskall and Gurcharan Gill, after consulting the other families of  violent victims, in Surrey”, said Bajwa. Our Lawyers have advised to seek $ 5 Million dollars for Julie Paskall’s family, $ 2 Million dollars each for the rest of families related to violent beatings. Newton resident Amy Park has planned a protest to mark the violence, during the opening of New Surrey City Hall, on April 26th. Cindy Huang, has invited Toronto Mayoral candidate Olivia Chow on April 26th, to highlight the issues of crime on Minorities in Canada.

Written by: Hardeep Dhillon

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