The Thirty Something Snap

PRESS RELEASE (12/2/2013)- Author Alan Helgasson has released his debut novel, “The Thirty Something Snap.”

“The Thirty Something Snap” tells the fictional story of Howard Perkins, a divorced, thirty-nine year old, public relations agent working in New York City. As he approaches the age of forty he begins to panic over the fact that his youth is waning. He concludes that his panic is not unique as he observes his friends, who are also thirty-something, engaging in uncharacteristic behaviors. Howard calls those behaviors ‘the thirty something snap.’

Howard is determined to not fall prey to the temptations that relentlessly make their way into his thoughts. It’s not easy, though, because his friends – especially his male friends – are also being tempted and continually invite Howard to join them in their indulgences.

What Howard truly wants is love. He blames himself for losing love earlier in his life but, despite his fears that he might make the same mistakes he made in the past, he desperately wants a relationship.

An assignment at the public relations agency leads to a series of events that reconnects Howard with his old band mates. In two weeks time a network of new and old friends is formed and Howard is exposed to the whims of those around him. Driven by the desire to experience some unfulfilled fantasies from their youth the cast of thirty-something characters find themselves in a nudist resort, at a New York City peep show, hitchhiking across Europe, signing up for a Fantasy Rock And Roll Camp, and even falling in love.

As part of a publicity stunt to promote an art exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City by Japanese installation artistTomoko Takahashi, Howard Perkins, along with his PR partner Penny Lhuillier, recreate the famous and controversial nude photo of John Lennon and Yoko Ono from their 1968 avant garde album titled “Two Virgins.”  

“The Thirty Something Snap” is described as a romantic comedy and follows Howard Perkins through a transformational stage in his life as he struggles with leftover fantasies from his youth, the dating scene of a divorced man approaching forty, and a reluctance to indulge in the temptations surrounding him that could enhance his life.

Set mostly in New York City and the surrounding areas the story also takes the reader to the small town of Ocala, Florida whereHoward Perkins moves in order to start his life over again. His work in public relations continues and Howard eventually gets the dream assignment of working on a public relations campaign to promote the World Showcase at Epcot in Walt Disney World inOrlando, Florida. 

“The Thirty Something Snap” is scheduled for release in early December 2013 as both a printed book and an e-book.

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