Top 10 US Universities and Associated Costs

The number of quality universities in the United States is quite impressive.  Although not everyone qualifies for admission or has the financial means to attend such universities, some do.  If you are among the fortunate group of people who have the financial means and meet requirements for being accepted into one of these ten universities, you should still know the associated costs.  As you can imagine, attending a top university is going to be more expensive than a standard four-year university, which is why understanding the cost of tuition is so critical.

Of course, being able to attend any of these top 10 listed US universities offers tremendous benefit.  For one thing, you would find they offer a full range of both undergraduate and graduate programs.  In addition, each of these high ranking universities is 100% committed to making the educational process a positive experience outstanding, through a variety of coursework but also excellent teaching.

1.    Harvard University – Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard has long been considered one of the finest universities in the world and for good reason.  This private educational institution is among top Ivy League schools with a solid reputation for producing some of the best educated students in a number of areas.  In addition, Harvard is one of the oldest schools in the United States and highly prestigious.  Current tuition for Harvard University is just a little more than $38,000 a year.

2.    Princeton University – Another one of the country’s best Ivy League universities, Princeton sits in a beautiful part of New Jersey.  Interestingly, Princeton University has a reputation for being the first school to adopt a no loan policy specific to lower income students.  Instead, these students are offered the chance to use government grants to earn a college degree.  Regardless, the cost to attend this university is $36,640 a year.

3.    Yale University – This Connecticut University has become a favorite because of its small town feel.  However, Yale University is also highly sought after because of the outstanding education opportunities.  The cost of attending Yale is currently at $38,300 a year.

4.    Columbia University – Found in Manhattan, New York, Columbia University is unique in that it offers three distinct undergraduate schools to include the School of General Studies, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and Columbia College.  All three educational institutions are ranked high but at an annual cost of $43,300.

5.    Stanford University – For just a little more than $39,000, Stanford University is another top choice.  Stanford is located in California, just 30 miles outside of beautiful San Francisco.  As a private university, students are provided with an exemplary experience of study, teaching, and research.

6.    University of Pennsylvania – Another top private educational institution, the University of Pennsylvania has a yearly tuition of $40,500.  Undergraduate students have a choice of four departments to include Wharton, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Arts and Sciences, and Nursing.

7.    California Institute of Technology – For studies in engineering and science, this Pasadena, California University is an excellent option.  Although tuition is just over $36,000 a year, the low student-to-teacher ratio of just 3 to 1 makes it a great consideration.

8.    Massachusetts Institute of Technology – For around $39,000 a year, you could benefit from this top US University that specializes in coursework specific to science, math, and engineering.  However, attending this Cambridge University also means being offered excellent programs in management, humanities, architecture, and social science.

9.    Dartmouth College – This New Hampshire University also makes the list of top ten US universities.  As the oldest but also largest of the country’s collegiate clubs of its kind, Dartmouth is known for promoting and encouraging outdoor activities and adventures.  To attend this incredible school, you would pay an annual tuition of just more than $40,000.

10.    Duke University – The last US University we wanted to mention has an annual tuition of more $40,500.  Duke University has long been considered the best of the best when it comes to its engineering and liberal arts programs.

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This information is very useful for all new Indian students who wanted to pursue in American best universities

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