Unique And Seldom Used College Scholarships

The number of college students who depend on scholarships to earn a degree is staggering.  While the majority of people know about the more common types of college scholarships, the truth is that there are just as many, if not more seldom used college scholarships simply because people are unaware they exist.  Because money is available in unique scholarships, money that is often not used, we wanted to offer some suggestions pertaining to college aid that you may or may not qualify for when ready to enroll in college.

Remember, there are many more seldom used scholarships than those listed below but these will provide you with a better understanding of just how far outside the box this type of financial aid for college goes.

•    Frederick and Mary Beckley Scholarship – This $1,000 scholarship is specifically offered to left-handed individuals.  To qualify, students would need to be attending Juniata College in Huntington, Pennsylvania and as mentioned, be left-handed.

•    Tall Clubs International – Also referred to as TCI, this $1,000 scholarship is for women 5’10” and men 6’2” tall or more.

•    National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance – Just as there is a scholarship for tall individuals, $1,000 is also available for people of girth.

•    Duct Tape Scholarship – This $3,000 scholarship is truly one of the most bizarre, making it one of the seldom used scholarships, but it is legitimate.  Students age 14 and older can complete, which involves dressing up in duct tape or wearing accessories made of duct tape while attending the high school prom.  Formally known as the “Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck at Prom Contest”, attire and/or accessories are judged on quantity, originality, and workmanship of the tape used.

•    David Letterman – The famous talk show host has a scholarship program for students attending Ball State University.  As an alma mater of the school, Letterman offers $10,000 to the first place winner and as much as $5,000 for coming in second.  To get this scholarship, students need to provide presentations for video, audio, film, graphic, or writing.  For Letterman, the goal is to offer scholarship money to people who have natural creative ability over academic performance.

•    American Association of Candy Technologists – Called AACT, this $5,000 scholarship is designed for people who have a genuine interest in the candy and confections industry.  To quality, students would need to be majoring in chemistry, biology, food science, or something similar.  In addition, students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA along with area of study.

•    Society of Performers, Artists, Athletes, and for Space Exploration, and Celebrities for Space Exploration – With this scholarship, $1,000 is available under the name SPAACSE Galaxy Music Scholarship.  This is set up for seniors in high school entering college who have made a recording of space music.  To qualify, you do not need to be a professional, simply someone with a passion for space and music who has a clip between four and six minutes long.

•    Ayn Rand Institution – For $10,000, the Fountainhead Essay Contest is specifically for amateur essay writers.  The focus is to create an essay that relates to Fountainhead’s philosophy.

•    Same Name – Several private scholarships are offered throughout the United States in different amounts and for different colleges and universities.  If you share the same last name as one of these families, then you could qualify for scholarship money.  As an example, If you are a practicing Catholic, will be going to Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois, and have the last name Zolp, then financial assistance is available.  Another example would be going to North Carolina State University with the last name of Gatlin.  As an out-of-state student, you could receive up to $18,000 while in-state $9,000.  Other private same name scholarships are offered by the Bright, Van Valkenburg, Thayer, Hudson, Scarpinato, Baxendale, and Downer families.

•    Gertrude J. Deppen – As an undergraduate student who graduated from a Mount Carmel high school and lived in that city for 10 years, but also who plans to attend Bucknell University, this scholarship is available.  However, other criteria must be met.  For instance, this scholarship money is only available to non-smoking, non-drinking, and non-drug using individuals.

•    Knitting Scholarship – Another one of the seldom used scholarships we wanted to mention has to do with the Make it with Wood competition.  Offered by the American Sheep Industry Association, $1,000 and $2,000 in scholarship money is available for people who knit.  Judging is done to determine the best garment made from wool and based on creativity, style, and design.

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