“Up Sell Your Home in Any Market” Unlocks Previously Hidden Profits Buried in Your Home Sale”

Can we interest you in a money-saving feature story for homeowners interested in home selling tips, an interview with James Harner, or a review of his new book? Here is a special opportunity to educate and inspire home sellers with the truth about selling your home and ALL the threats aimed at derailing a profitable real estate sale.

Up Sell Your Home in Any Market discusses some of the most innovative real estate home selling tips and innovative marketing strategies to achieve maximum exposure and profits from any home sale. If you’d like to receive a review copy please, verify your best mailing address. Let us know how we can help you.


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“Up Sell Your Home in Any Market” Unlocks Previously Hidden Profits Buried in Your Home Sale

“Like many homeowners, I was frustrated with the real estate market and the home selling tips given by my real estate agent. So I decided to do something about it,” says Harner. “This is why I took to studying the World’s greatest investor, Warren Buffett, and his investment philosophy, to develop a revolutionary approach to selling homes, faster and for more money. I wrote the book Up Sell Your Home in Any Market for homeowners wanting to unlock previously hidden profits in any home sale.”

Strictly following Warren Buffet’s philosophy of VALUE based investing, Up Sell Your Home in Any Market will show you Warren Buffett’s 13 critical home selling tips to creating Real Value home buyers can see, hear, taste and smell. You’ll discover a proven and repeatable system, backed by market research to consistently sell your home for up to 18% more money, 57% faster.

This book takes a fundamentally different approach not just to selling your home, but to actually think about your home as Warren Buffett would, like an investment. By applying this value driven investment approach we are able to unlock an extraordinary amount of money in situations when others barely succeed, if they succeed at all.

 Up Sell Your Home in Any Market analyzes Buffett’s investment strategies to give you a playbook of really innovative techniques that will guarantee your home doesn’t sit on the market for six months, 12 months, so that you don’t have to do 3,4,5 different price reductions, so you don’t get lowball offers, so you don’t lose tens of thousands due to bad advice.

“I Want To Give You This Vital Home Selling Information before it’s too late.”, says Harner, veteran real estate broker and author of the new book Up Sell Your Home in Any Market. “Selling your home should NOT rely on lowering the price and losing tens of thousands of dollars,” he says, “Here are the four basic principles to create real value and attract more potential buyers to maximize the returns on your home sale investment.”

1     Presenting Your HouseWill Your Negligence Cost You? Prepare now or pay later. Thorough home presentation is the first key to receiving a higher offer. Professional landscaping and interior staging will ensure your house stands out from the crowd and can result in an offer that is as much as 15% more than if you do NOT properly present your home. We provide a comprehensive home selling checklist to follow.

2     The Right Price – Do You Know Your Home’s Real Value?  

To find out the true value  of your home go to: http://www.PhillyHomePrices.com Many sellers incorrectly price their homes. Don’t base your decision on which agent to hire based on the highest price given. Do not listen to that advice. The reason agents take such an unsophisticated approach is because they do not understand the difference between price and value. Price and Value are not the same.  We share with you the value creation process we follow.

3     Marketing – How to Ensure Your Home Sells – in a Market with No Guarantees

The marketing for your home online or in print has 7 seconds to catch someone’s eye. “Lifestyle” call to action writing, eye catching photography and well-edited video of a properly presented home; all released simultaneously in a product release style incorporating web, social media, pay per click and print media can be the difference between no-offer vs. multiple offers in the first 30 days. We provide a list of innovative marketing techniques to get more exposure for your property.

4     Negotiation –NEVER Lose the Money”, says Warren Buffett 

Many sellers don’t realize that they can lose tens of thousands of dollars after the purchase contract is signed. Protect your profits during the offer, contingency, and settlement stages by using the negotiation strategies we recommend will preserve your equity from contract to final settlement.

Harner’s book offers numerous insights into the how and why of modern home selling. His book serves both as a “how to guide”; which greatly helps people sell their home themselves with great success, or get the most out of any real estate home selling expert hired to represent their home sale.

For example, Warren Buffett’s strategies for maximizing return on investment have to do with a proper investment diagnosis. Meaning: do the appropriate tests and conduct due diligence to discover any problems and where the opportunities are. Finally, make your own investment decisions once you have done all the research. When taking a value driven approach to identify all the ways to increase your home’s value, then and only then does Warren Buffett know the best route of attack to maximize his return on his investment. This is why Warren Buffett is the world’s greatest investor, not because he’s the smartest, not because he has a crystal ball, but because he does not make fundamental mistakes on determining an investment’s value.

These are just a few of the many unique insights offered about Warren Buffett’s approach to value based home selling in the book.   Up Sell Your Home in Any Market reveals 13 powerful home selling tips to gain a competitive edge in today’s challenging real estate market.

To find out more go to http://www.UpSellYourHome.com

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