VBK+CO Xpres Emerging Manager Solution


VBK+CO Alternative Investors Solutions launches:

VBK+CO Xpres Emerging Manager Solution.


Anuschka Cova, Managing Partner and CCO at VBK+CO, explains that the Industry demand for tailored services is increasing. ‘We speak to clients, we listen, and come up with solutions tailored to their specific needs’…

VBK+CO recognizes the challenges that especially emerging managers are facing in today’s environment. Regulatory changes combined with investor’s pressure for transparency, quality of services, and the costs associated with the required infrastructure, make it a time consuming and costly exercise to launch a new fund. By bundling services and by leveraging VBK+CO’s expertise and global contact database, we found the perfect solution for Emerging Managers! A prepackaged, ready to go, independent Xpres Emerging Manager Solution; that includes the fund structure, legal set up, bank account, broker account, back office function, a corporate director; ‘all in one’ at a low fixed price, without co-mingling with other investors.

VBK+CO differentiates itself from its competitors who are offering similar services as a platform, mixed with other investors and all the potential risks associated with that.

VBK+CO offers you the chance to get a head start. You can launch your own fund in one day with Xpres Platinum Solution, in a very cost efficient way, while we do the rest. Our product will help asset managers and upcoming family offices to start trading right away without headaches; they can prove themselves to their investors, and build a track record, in order to attract more capital.

You can focus on what you do best create value for your investors.



We look forward to discussing possible opportunities with you.

For more information on VBK+CO’s new XpresEmerging Manager Solution, contact us at:  info@vbkservices.com or contact Anuschka Cova directly at anuschka.cova@vbkservices.com.

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