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LIGHTNING RELEASES: MIAMI, Florida (12/12/2013) – ViendoMovies celebrates the winter months by programming well-known dramas representing the best of Latin films from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Spain. Winter months are particularly important due to increased viewership resulting from low temperatures and a greater number of people in the household.

ViendoMovies’ programming includes movies from Mexico such as “Año Bisiesto” (Leap Year) by Michael Rowe, starring Monica del Carmen and Gustavo Sanchez Parra. The film won 2 Ariel’s for “Best Actress” and “Best First Work,” along with an Ariel nomination for “Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen.” The story is based on the life of Laura, who meets Arturo and enters an intense and violent sexual relationship. The audience can enjoy additional Mexican feature films such as “De Día y de Noche” (By Day and By Night); where the overpopulation of the planet makes coexisting impossible, the government decides to divide the population of the city by implanting an enzyme in the DNA of the residents, that allows citizens’ bodies to be active by daylight or night fall, converting some into inhabitants of the day and others of the night. As well as, “Mi Universo en Minúsculas” (My Universe in Lowercase), a story about a nurse who goes to Mexico City, a city filled by chaotic frenzy that usually surrounds a city with over 9 million inhabitants, in search of her father’s house, who she believed to be dead. With this, ViendoMovies brings excellent movies to its Mexican audience in the United States.

For fans of Spanish Cinema, ViendoMovies has chosen renowned films such as “Matador”, the Pedro Almodóvar drama starring Antonio Banderas. The award winning film recieved 6 awards plus 6 nominations, including “Best Actor”, “Best Spanish Actress”, “Jury Award”, “Best Director” and “Best Actress” from film festivals across the globe such as Fantasporto and Goya. Other blockbusters in the lineup from Spain include “Jamón Jamón”, “Primos” (Cousinhood), “Torrente: El Brazo Tonto de la Ley” (The Stupid Arm of the Law) the highest grossing film in the history of the country and “La Fiesta del Chivo” (The Feast of the Goat), based on Mario Vargas Llosa’s book about the Dominican Republic under the dictatorship of Trujillo.

ViendoMovies also has Argentinean movies such as “Matrimonio” (Matrimony), winner of a Silver Biznaga for “Best Latin American Actress” from the Malaga Spanish Film Festival. As well as the movie, “Mi Primera Boda” (My First Wedding), the romantic comedy with 6 nominations including “Best Supporting Actor”, “Best Cinematography”, “Best Costume Design” and “Best Music” from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Argentina.

Finally, ViendoMovies closes their winter programming with the acclaimed Western film, “Sal” by Diego Rougler. This production deserves special mention; it has been awarded 12 awards and an additional 9 nominations from prestigious festivals, including an award for “Feature Film”. The movie’s casts consist of Gonzalo Valenzuela and Luis Dubó and narrates the story of a Spanish filmmaker (Martinez) who tries to commercialize his project of filming a Western in the north of Chile.

ABOUT VIENDOMOVIES: ViendoMovies is a Pay TV channel that broadcasts contemporary Spanish-language film 24 hours a day with no commercial breaks, with a culturally relevant Premium on air look. ViendoMovies is produced in the USA for the US Hispanic and Puerto Rico markets and is part of SOMOSTV LLC. For more information please visit us at and

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