Worlds first “SMART” charging cable technology

ChargerLeash: The First “smart” USB Charging cable for Tech-Dependent Travelers

The Only Charging/Syncing Cable That Won’t Let You Leave It Behind!

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Ridgewood, New Jersey (3/7/2014)— A compelling new product in the world of portable electronics, the ChargerLeash is generating considerable buzz in traveler and technology circles.

 When Brian Tedesco, an accomplished entrepreneur with an impressive   record of success, read an article in the Wall Street Journal, discussing the enormous piles of forgotten chargers that accumulate at hotels – and eventually end up in landfills, bleeding toxins into the environment – he knew there had to be a simple solution.

Within months, he had invented and patented the technology being used in ChargerLeash, an electronic device accessory designed to solve the growing problem of forgotten chargers. Tedesco has launched the ChargerLeash into the marketplace at CES 2014.

Here’s why this is such an awesome product:

The ChargerLeash is designed to replace any USB (charging/syncing) cable. Equipped with an alarm system, it sounds an alert when unplugged from a device, reminding the consumer to pack their power accessories when they’re on the go.

Retailing for less than the cost of a replacement charger, it safeguards anyone’s ability to stay connected, accessible and focused. Manufactured in 4 basic models (micro, Apple 30-pin, Apple Lightning or multi-tip options) and two colors, it’s a simple, lightweight solution for tech-dependent consumers and professionals.

“Forgotten chargers are a huge handicap in the mobile, electronic world we live in. People on the go don’t have time to track down a new way to power up,” said Tedesco in a recent interview. “We simply can’t afford to walk away from the one essential tool that keeps us connected to the world at large.”

And yet, so many people do! On average, every hotel collects at least one forgotten charger a day – and the vast majority of them end up in landfills, polluting our soil and groundwater. According to Popular Science, cellphone chargers alone account for nearly 100,000 TONS of toxic e-waste every year! With the ChargerLeash, we could reduce that amount dramatically… not to mention the number of stressed out people standing in line to buy replacement chargers.  Visit us

Contact: Brian Tedesco

(201) 247-5838 (201) 247-5838

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